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Research On User Satisfaction Of Rural Community Information Service In Anhui Province

Posted on:2017-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the eighties of the 20 th century so far,information technology has become today to the modernization of the world powerful force,information technology rapid development and promote China’s information service continues to improve,especially the informatization construction of urban community is close to perfect,for China to achieve modernization and lay a solid foundation.China,as a big agricultural country in the world,the construction and development of rural areas is to promote the development of the socialist harmonious society,is the core task of building a new type of rural areas.Since 11 th Five-Year,our country has made a great process in the field of building the expressway and improving the information platform of the rural community.But at the same time there are many problems,first,China’s basic national conditions lead to different regions of the economic development and the level of the gap between the larger.Second,inadequate supply of information services.Third,the ability to apply information technology in rural areas and the expected goal there is a big gap.Fourth,the main body of investment,service subject is too single.So the combination of theoretical analysis,evaluation of rural community information service development,the comparison of different areas of information supply service level,the development of China’s rural community information service,has important practical significance.In this paper,the current situation of it,learn from domestic and international customer satisfaction modeling method,sampled province 229 farmers as the research sample,using PLSGraph,LISREL,spss19.0 selected evaluation variables,construct a user satisfaction index evaluation can truly reflect the satisfaction of structural equation model,eventually formed a comprehensive evaluation of the rural community information service system,then is put forward according to the overall analysis of the evaluation results of rural community information service status,provide countermeasures and suggestions to improve the rural community information service user satisfaction.The experimental results show that the current social impact of user satisfaction mainly has 3 basic variables,namely,perceived quality,user expectations,rural information service maturity.Research results show that according to the data that the users expect to influence the impact is the biggest is less the user perceived quality;in perceived quality and the other three key driving factors compared with each other when found that rural information service facilities have the greatest influence on perceived quality,compared to slightly lower the information resources;user satisfaction has a very large effect,especially on government image and customer loyalty has a very strong positive relationship.According to the research conclusion,put forward relevant countermeasures and suggestions to improve the user’s satisfaction of the community service,first,to give full play to the guiding role of the government,every construction workers are able to form correct concept of performance,which really play a low energy consumption,high efficiency of information services to win the trust and support of users of rural informatization.Second,in the process of building community information infrastructure,fully reflect the needs of farmers,improve the effective utilization of public infrastructure.Third,actively promote the concept of community information,organize training activities,improve the enthusiasm of users to participate in information technology.Fourth the village committee and the government should be between the user and fifth,it should establish an effective communication mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:peasant household, Rural community, information service, Satisfaction degree, influence factor
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