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Study On The Relocation Of Old People In The Rural Areas

Posted on:2019-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330566959117Subject:Social security
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With the steady development of social economy,further urbanization,and the deepening of the aging society,many rural elderly people follow their children and go out of rural settlement cities to become old people.With the growth of this special population,the needs and problems of the elderly have become increasingly prominent,and faced with multiple difficulties in economic support,policy assistance,community guidance,and social adaptation.The old-age pension for the elderly in rural areas has become a social phenomenon that needs urgent attention.It involves both the lifestyle of the elderly in their later years and the transformation of the concept of a true social pension,a deeper look at adjustments to the national pension policy,and community retirement.There is a relationship between the provision of resources and the building of family relations.This paper uses questionnaires and interviews to investigate the rural elderly people in Zhuoda Sun City,and analyzes the status of the different endowments,the plans for future retirement,and the choices they can make in different places.factor.Studies have shown that more than half of the elderly choose to return to their hometown in the later years of their lives,and a few choose to follow their children in the city for the rest of their lives.However,we find that the age,education level,and language communication abilities are positively related to the choice of old-age support from a personal perspective.However,the opposite is true of the health condition.The harmony of family relationships,the degree of adaptation,and income all affect the choice of heterosexual elderly in rural areas.From the policy perspective,this empirical analysis has not passed the test,but the author also learned during the visit.The elderly in rural areas are concerned about welfare policies,community development,and the use of old-age resources.Therefore,these issues are comprehensively put forward,and relatively reasonable suggestions and suggestions are proposed.The elderly should actively take the initiative to step out of their homes to adapt to the new environment and relieve their depressing feelings.Children should pay attention to the changes in their parents’ emotions and provide reasonable old-age care resources.Policies should be adjusted in a timely manner.The community should do a good job in the registration of elderly people in rural areas and build an information platform for old-age resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural, Relocation of the elderly, Offsite, Old-age security
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