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Psychological Selection And Evaluation Of Aviation Security Personnel

Posted on:2019-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330569488365Subject:Safety engineering
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In recent years,it shows that civil aviation has an accelerated growth in China.With the number of flights and the size of fleet growing up,the status of civil aviation of China has improved.However,the rapid development of airline traffic also brings another problem.Many kinds of illegal activities in the cabin are increasing.The aviation security personnel faced more and more mental pressures when they undertake the security task of civil aircraft protect.In order to prevent the illegal interference and illegal disturbance in the aircraft,it is necessary to study and the psychological selection and evalution for the aviation security personnel.According to the professional duties of aviation security personnel and the nature of their work,the initial psychological indexes were selected based on the analysis of the literature methods,tasks and behavioral event interviews.The indexes were screened for the second time by questionnaires,while the reliability and validity of questionnaires were tested,and factor analysis were used to determine the final indexes,include 3 indexes and 18 sub-indexes.And 3 indexes weighted from the expert opinions.Based on the existing theories,the evaluation method was designed for the different characteristics of indexes included personality,cognitive ability,social skills.In order to guarantee the implementation of the psychological selection and evaluation of the aviation security personnel,the purpose,preparation,implementation process of the psychological selection and evaluation of the aviation security personnel were formulated in advance.Taking the aviation security personnel of airlines for an example,their states were analyzed and evaluated thoroughly.According to the psychological selection and evaluation results of the aviation security personnel,some advices were given.The practicability of the psychological selection and evaluation system for the aviation security personnel was verified.The correlative theories of psychological selection is supplemented for determining the psychological selection indexes and proposing the evaluation method,which provided a scientific basis for airlines to select aviation security personnel and train them up,and it could reduce the accidents caused by human factors effectively and improve the level of aviation safety.
Keywords/Search Tags:Aviation safety, Aviation security personnel, Psychological selection, Psychological assessment, Personality characteristics, Cognitive ability, Social skills
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