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Thought On The Privilege Of Silence Suitable For Situation Stability

Posted on:2019-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L QiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330569989997Subject:Code of Criminal Procedure
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In the report of the 19 th Congress of the Communist Party of China,China defined the general goal of ruling the country according to law,in the process of building a socialist country of law in a comprehensive way,with the Development of our country's Socialist Democratic Politics and rich development of the Theory of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the New era,the rights of citizens receive the attention of the state.Judicial justice,Judicial supervision,Judicial civilization,Judicial democracy and guarantees,in has become a topic of concern.As one of the most important contents in the mordern society,The judicial system of the country under the rule of law,the priviledge of silence is the important judicial system to protect human right.With the attention paid increasingly to human right protection,in order to keep attach to international situation,the privilege of silence must finally be accepted and affirmed.the priviledge of silence is the important litigation right for suspects and defendants which constitutes abundant litigation functions,realization of criminal orgnization in litigation and consumation of evidence regulation.the article is trying to explain what is the priviledge of scilence and what is the syetem of the priviledge of silence,furtherly illustrate the necessity and feasibility of the eatablishment for the system in nowadays China.moreover,the artcle deeply analysizes the conflicts would appear during the eatablishment of the privilege between present crucial regulations,laws and rights.safeguard measures matter as well.the establishment of the privilege of silence should base on the condition of settlements of all.
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