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Research On The Double Tittle Teacher Of The New Beault Transition Academy

Posted on:2017-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330488467171Subject:Principles of Education
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With the transition of our economy,the requirement of newly-founded local college and the technology-applied human resource,the construction of the “double-type” teachers has been the hot issue both in the social area and the academic area.On May second 2014,the decision about accelerating the development of modern vocational education from the State Council and the construction plan about modern vocational education(2014-2020)mainly analyze the top plane about the transition,leading a number of common colleges to the road of technology-application.And it assumes that the construction of the double type teacher is an important part of it.In the academic area,many scholars admit that the key to solve the problem of constructing the technology-applied colleges is the enforcement of the double type teachers.The construction of the double type teachers is an important part of the newly-founded colleges,and is the backbone of nurturing the practical human resource.Therefore,the scholars attach so much emphasis and demonstration to the construction of the double type teachers.This thesis is based on a large amount of investigation and research,and it studied the achievement and problems of the newly-founded colleges.By the method of literature,interviewing,questionnaire and comparing,the author investigated two of the newly-founded colleges.On the foundation of that,we have to learn from the advanced experiences of Germany thus get the suggestions and enlightenment about the construction of the double type teachers.Specifically,the thesis is divided into four parts.The first part is the introduction which explain the reason why I choose this title,the theoretical and practical meaning of the title,the achievement and methods in this area.The second part represents and analyze the result of the investigation of two colleges.The third part introduces the advanced experiences of Germany.The last part forms the suggestions and enlightenment about how to construct the double teachers.The investigation shows that the newly-founded local colleges have the common problems like these: the lack of quantity and the quality.The concept of the teachers has been manly formed,but it still takes a long time to fulfill it.There are some measures to nurture double type teachers,but effect is to be improved.The evaluation system has been formed but it is not complete and perfect.The concept of Germany is advanced,the measures are mature,the evaluation system has the function of encouragement.We can draw a conclusion that the newly-founded colleges need every part to promote the construction of the double type teachers: the adjustment of the teacher themselves,the high requirement of the colleges,the platform that is provided by the factories and the connection of the government.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly-founded colleges, transition, double type teachers
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