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The Research About Pastoral Area Higher Vocational Collegesí Major Setup

Posted on:2016-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330488979356Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Chinaís vast and diverse natural geography type.The pastoral areas in the northwest frontier area,covers an area of about 40%of the national land area.It is ethnic minority areas from the demographic.From the point of view,pastoral economy is relatively weak,and education career of pastoral areas development relative lag.Pastoral areas of higher vocational education is an important part of education in pastoral area,and it is most strongly linked to economic and social development of pastoral areas in all types of education.To strengthen the research of the parish education is the needs of economic development in pastoral area.Especially in the national implementation of the new urbanization strategy,pastoral areas of higher vocational education has become a vast pastoral areas to carry out the strategy of urbanization mainly gripper and important position,fully stimulate the social effective demand of higher vocational education in pastoral area.Higher vocational colleges of pastoral areas are the main undertaker of the higher vocational education,and are the only comprehensive regional higher vocational colleges.How to give fully play of these higher vocational colleges to the role of serving local economic and social development?The best place to start is major construction.It is also the bridge of communication school and economic and social.Major setup is the first step of major construction,also is the logical starting point and premise of school education.The research methods such as literature method and investigation research method are used in this paper,in order to in-depth analysis of the related problems of higher vocational collegesí major setup in pastoral areas.First of all,this paper discusses the concept of higher vocational school and major construction in pastoral area to draw the research scope.Secondly,this paper gives the principle of higher vocational collegesí major setup in pastoral areas,by combing the research foundation of higher vocational collegesí major setup(especially in pastoral areas),in order to make the induction and summary to the theory of school major setup.By researching on major setup of three typical higher vocational colleges in pastoral areas from 2004 to 2013,and the economy development in corresponding areas,this paper points out that higher vocational collegesí major setup in pastoral areas is basically to adapt to the development of local economy,but the phenomenon of the third industries and the students are obviously higher.Recent ten years,some experience has been made in the field of professional layout,the standard of professional setting and the characteristics of the major setup.But there is still a problem in the stability and continuity of the new professional,the overall planning of the major setup,the connotation and orientation of the new specialty,the specialty construction of the characteristic advantage.From the education managementís point of view,this paper suggests to make adjustments and reforms in the publishing of the professional guidance directory,and to co-ordinate and guide the professional setting and multi-Evaluation of the institutions.From the schoolís point of view,this paper gives a set of strategies for the professional setting of the Vocational Colleges in the pastoral areas.Finally,this paper points out the direction of the school from stronger animal husbandry,agriculture and forestry as first industry major,doing a good job in major characteristic advantage,actively opening innovation of folk culture,etc.
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