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Research On The Prevention Of Illegal Crime Of Vocational School Students

Posted on:2017-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330509457691Subject:Marxist theory Ideological and political education
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Secondary vocational students is the important source of the industrial army, is the builders and successors to the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, their quality, a certain sense, is about the rise and fall success or failure, the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics about two "target" in one hundred and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream realization, as a result, further to explore the prevention of secondary vocational students' illegal crime, on the basis of good correlation, in order to healthy growth, it is of great significance and far-reaching.This article from the status quo and characteristics of secondary vocational students' illegal crime analysis, combined with the growth of secondary vocational students psychological physiology characteristic and external environment, from family education, school education, social education and so on several angles, this paper analyzes the causes of secondary vocational students' illegal crime and puts forward prevention of secondary vocational students on the basis of the preliminary countermeasures for illegal and criminal behaviors.This article is divided into three chapters. The introduction mainly discusses the selected topic significance of secondary vocational students' illegal crime prevention research value and research status at home and abroad; Due to secondary vocational school students the special identity of illegal and criminal behavior research at home and abroad is not much, so will be operating to teenagers, minors, primary and high school students, vocational education school students.The first chapter mainly discusses the secondary vocational students and characteristics of the illegal crime related concept. Clarify the related concepts and the interaction relationship between the concepts; From the proportion of vocational school students' illegal crime, illegal crime age, subject, means and motivation, and the girl for illegal crime from the Angle of illegal crime increased a few characteristics are summarized.The second chapter mainly from the imbalance in the family environment reasons, school education and social environmental impact, secondary vocational students themselves square in the face of secondary vocational students to analyze the causes of illegal and criminal behavior, try to provide the basis for seeking effective preventive measures.The third chapter mainly from the family prevention, school from three aspects of prevention, community and social prevention, establish secondary vocational students' illegal crime prevention measures and methods.
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