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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Care Education In Secondary Vocational School

Posted on:2017-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This study through the case study for caring education theory,and the transformation of well-being index change exploration,let teachers can feel the importance of love education,Ensure that can live in harmony between teachers and students,the teacher can consider for students everywhere,can students under the teacher’s caring education learning life,learning to learn,the method of students unconsciously affected by teachers’ noble personality,thus better able to shape the soul of the students.Methods this study chose the method of literature study and questionnaire method,case analysis and literature research.The collecting,sorting out the domestic and international topics related with the theory and research literature,the rich background of this research,for the smooth opening for the corresponding theory and understanding,verification,application in the teaching practice.The questionnaire is mainly designed the effective experience of happiness in the contents of the questionnaire,issued 50 conducted a comprehensive study,including questionnaires before and after the questionnaire,in order to understand the happiness to enhance the effectiveness,in order to achieve our care and love education can affect a student,a family and even the good wishes of the whole society the method of case analysis.Through case analysis,to understand the actual situation of care and love education students after happiness changes,summarized the methods of caring education,measures and specific implementation measures.In the primary stage of socialism China,we need through the gradual exploration to find suitable education mode,it is gradually we sum up experience,toward the right direction can not avoid a setback.The process of development of vocational education,always pay more attention to training students occupation ability,neglected the development of education the students’ overall personality,happiness can influence research from this perspective,the implementation of love education,in order to improve vocational students’ sense of happiness,so that students can take a more active attitude to participate in school activities and learning activities after the occupation.Therefore,the enthusiasm of this study shows: positive show all aspects of Vocational education,provide accurate positioning for vocational talents education and trainingfor vocational education now and in the future development to provide a more profound theoretical research The specific research studies.Finally to solve the following problems: first,the literature activities clear care education can obviously influence the vocational students’ sense of happiness.In second,the specific object of study design,questionnaire analysis and other activities to clear the well-being of collective education,encourage education,cooperative education and other aspects of the means of education.Third case studies of the learning effect will influence the students’ sense of happiness,life environment and communication environment.There are still a lot of deficiencies in this study: the influence on happiness in the course of the study showed lack of research to develop a more convincing evaluation standard,although I have deep regret,but because of the happiness the environment make sense,look forward to the future research will be more comprehensive.
Keywords/Search Tags:secondary vocational school, secondary vocational school students, care education, happiness
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