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Research On The Ideological And Political Quality Education Of Higher Vocational Students

Posted on:2017-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512453542Subject:Ideological and political education
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Higher vocational education is an important part of Chinese higher education personnel training,it mainly cultivate comprehensive vocational ability and high quality talents on the first line students of production technology.As the same as the ordinary undergraduate students,Higher vocational college students are also the builders of the socialism with Chinese characteristics,shouldering the responsibility of social harmonious development and the rejuvenation of Chinese nation.This paper analyzes the current status of higher vocational studentsí ideological and political quality which is based on a couple of students in higher vocational colleges in Wuhan,Hubei province.Although the mainstream of higher vocational studentsí ideological and political quality is positive,active and healthy,their ideological and political quality appears obviously polarized and diversified.But from the individual of higher vocational students,we see the ideological and political quality of polarization and diversification presents more and more serious: beyond that,the studentsí ideological understanding presses close to the social reality except that their realm of life is not high;the studentsí political position overall adapts to mainstream of the times,but the political consciousness is not strong;moral quality reflect expectations,but lack of inner culture;abidng by the social norms,but the rule of law concept are weak;the ability of psychology are strong,but the ability of managing is weak.From four aspects: society,school,family and students themselves,this paper analyzes the influence of above that to higher vocational studentsí ideological and political quality.Also putting forward the view of how to take comprehensive measures to improve the optimization of social education,school education and how to strengthen the family education,as well as how to increase studentsí self education.Ultimately,we build their correct ideological qualities,political quality,moral quality,legal quality and psychological quality in ideological and political quality system,in order to give some reference to related education administrative departments and all the higher vocational colleges in improving work effectiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:The students of higher vocational college, Ideological and political quality, Education
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