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Research On Construction Of Accounting Major In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2017-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The early 1980 s,along with the acceleration of China’s market economy development and the pace of reform and opening up,a group oriented production line economy,local service,technical application type talents training goal of Vocational University arises at the historic moment.In the last 30 years of development,China’s higher vocational education has made an important contribution to the economic development of our country.With the deepening of education reform,higher vocational education is undergoing great changes,at present,higher vocational education,as an important part of higher education in our country,has become a hot spot of social concern.At the same time,the economy,science and technology and social development also put forward new and higher requirements for the talents of accounting major in higher vocational colleges.The traditional education system has been unable to meet the marketing needs in new situation,so the accounting education reform of higher occupation colleges is a pressing matter of the moment.Shanwei is a prefecture level city in Guangdong province is located in the southeast direction,the economy is not developed,only the level of the underdeveloped regions in Guangdong,Shanwei’s education is a relatively backward area,limited to the low level of economic development,the government’s financial investment is insufficient,the school teaching facilities and other conditions are relatively backward,Teaching force is relatively weak,leading to the teaching level and teaching quality is relatively low,Compared with other developed areas in Guangdong,the same college related professional talent training,either in quantity or quality has a significant gap.Take Shanwei Vocational Technical College as an example,analysis of the causes of the gap,to further explore construction in vocational colleges accounting profession has a beneficial reference value.Comprehensive analysis of research status at home and abroad and the research,the author decided according to the current research status of domestic advanced experience and the insufficiency,based on the summary of domestic and foreign research results,through the study of the method,the structure and avoid the problems and shortcomings in previous studies,the theme of study in this paper,namely the Shanwei vocational and technical college of accounting professional,professional construction,using literature research,data,methods of inductive analysis method,system method,for a deeper analysis.First of all,this paper analyzes the significance and value of professional construction in vocational schools,and explores the implications of this research.According to the current research situation and case study,this paper has made the research object,research ideas and research methods.Then,taking Shanwei Vocational and Technical College of Guangdong Province as an example,this paper analyzes the status quo of accounting specialty construction.Finally,according to the problems in the professional construction of the accounting profession and the causes of the analysis,from all angles,such as the construction of the training base,the construction of the teaching staff,curriculum system construction,training base construction,teachers and other aspects of construction,this paper puts forward some solutions and programs for developing and improving the vocational schools of the accounting profession.In view of the limitation on the literature consulting co.,LTD.And their own level,the study also has some shortcomings,but can be used as the economic underdeveloped related issues in the study of accounting in higher vocational colleges construction reference.Finally,this paper analyzes the limitation of the research topic,and the research for the future was prospected.On the one hand,in terms of its research level,in the future study of the topic,can with the study of the construction of accounting professional experience,study the specialty construction of other professional problem.Another Angle,to consider research degree,can be more understanding to discuss related issues,tracking the implementation of the solutions and measures mentioned in this paper is effective,the method of implementing effect difference,etc.,to get more effective solutions.
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