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Research On The Innovation Of Sports Drama From The Perspective Of "Sports Art Fusion"

Posted on:2018-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M JiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330512499749Subject:Sports science
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Along with the improvement of Chinese socialist market economy,China has entered the stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way,and the soft power of Chinese culture is playing an increasingly important role in the new situation.In accordance with the spirit of the national program for sports development in 12 th Five-Year,combined with the current sports development and social demand in China,the integration of sports and art has gradually become an inevitable trend of social development.As a result,a lot of physical education institutions have added recruiting candidates for art classes.For highlight the advantages of Arts major in sports colleges,sports department students integrate sport elements into repertoire,forming the sport specialty drama through continuous exploration and attempt.In order to further promote the construction of art major and accelerate the integration of sports art,the Ministry of Education and the General Administration of Sport have approved the host of “National Sports Department Students Sports Art Festival” every three years.Our study through investigating all performance works in the second session of “National Sports Department Students Sports Art Festival”,including their themes,choreography and stage design,provides some theoretical and practical reference for the innovation of professional repertory works.Our study provides references for this study utilizing literature,expert interviews,field observation,video analysis,mathematical statistics and other methods.We can draw the following conclusions:(1)In current performance works,there are no deterministic subject or theme;Manifestation of sports dance drama deviates requests;The sports themes and elements in dance drama are not obvious;Music production lags behind;(2)In the choice of subject matter,the sports professional repertory should pay more attention to the diversity of subject matter,integrate into the emotion,sublimate the subject and improve the artistic quality;(3)In Choreography,the sports professional repertory needs to enrich the form of action,pay attention to the formation of visual art,rationally use the elements of music art,and highlight the fusion idea of sports art;(4)In stage design,the sports professional repertory should innovate stage art and improve thewhole stage choreography by perfecting sets,lighting,costumes,makeup and props design;(5)Attention should be paid to the educational value of the purpose of the drama,meanwhile,improving the quality of the performers is quite imperative.
Keywords/Search Tags:Body art fusion, Professional sports, National Sports Department Students Sports Art Festival, Innovation
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