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Study On Mathematical Effective Teaching Of Five-Year Higher Vocational Education Based On Characteristics Of Mathematics Activities

Posted on:2018-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512954669Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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It has been pointed out in “Opinions from the Ministry of education on deepening the teaching reform of vocational education and improving the quality of personnel training” that “the teaching standards system should be perfected,and we must develop professional teaching standards and course standards which are compatible with international advanced standards…and improve our teaching quality management levels…”Under such trend of education reform,effective teaching has been the hot topic concerned in vocational education circles.The five-year higher vocational education is performed by higher vocational colleges.In this education system,junior high school fresh graduates are recruited and they will study for five years in the colleges.In this process,the structure of students’ knowledge,abilities and quality is designed on the whole.And their course system is arranged comprehensively.After five-year study,the students will be given the diploma of junior college licensed by Provincial Education Department.However,the teaching quality is not so optimistic due to the poor quality of would-be-students and the patterns of talent cultivation,especially in mathematics teaching.The main problem can be seen in thefollowing two aspects: students’ learning basis is weak and they lack learning interest,and many vocational colleges have been cutting the math class hours because they focus on students’ skill training,thus lead to the worrying mathematics teaching quality.Based on the task of improving the teaching quality and under the context of the decline of students’ quality and the increasing cutting of the class hours,the author starts with analysis of the theories and characteristics of mathematical activities,then explores how to improve mathematics teaching quality of five-year higher vocational education.In the author’s opinion,effective mathematics teaching of five-year high vocational education based on mathematics activities traits refers to the mathematics activities between teachers and students in the process of teaching,in which the teacher should adhere to the concept of “take the student as the main body,the teacher as the leading factor”and design elaborately various teaching methods which are helpful for students development according to students’ actual conditions.The teacher should encourage students to adopt the mathematics learning methods of Independent exploration and cooperative communication and motivate students to improve their mathematics knowledge,professional skills and ways of thinking.By using this teaching method,students of different levels will get improvement and development corresponding to their personal ability,meanwhile it can promote not only students’ sustainabledevelopment but also teachers’ professional growth.This can lead to excellent teaching effect,favourable teaching performance and higher teaching efficiency.It aims to make the students from the five-year higher vocational colleges not only master enough and useful mathematics knowledge but also strengthen their own innovative consciousness and practical ability,so they can meet the requirements of the study of follow-up professional courses and sustainable development.The Paper is divided into five parts: the first part introduces the research background,the purpose and meaning,the research ideas,the research methods and status;the second part makes a survey of h College five-year high vocational mathematics teaching status,analyzes the reasons of low effect in h College five-year high vocational mathematics teaching,proposes the necessity of the effective teaching research based on mathematics activities traits of five-year high vocational mathematics;the third part makes a specific analysis and description of mathematics activities traits and the based-on mathematics activities traits mathematics effective teaching;the forth part gives a specific case to illustrate how to conduct five-year higher vocational mathematics teaching based on characteristics of mathematics activities;in the fifth part,in order to resolve the problem of low efficiency in five-year higher vocational mathematics teaching,the author offers some strategies for reference from the following aspects: how to design efficient teaching activities,how to provide chances of efficient “re-create” mathematical activities,how to conduct stratify teaching implicitly according to student’s individual difference.
Keywords/Search Tags:effective teaching, mathematics activities, characteristics, five-year higher vocational education
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