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Core Stability Training Hit Rate Experimental Study Of Influence On High School Basketball Athletes Jump

Posted on:2017-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512968982Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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In recent years, the core stability training theory has become the focus of attention of many scholars and experts. In our country, the research of core stability training is still in an initial stage, the research on strength training in basketball athletes is one of the few, especially on the strength training of high school basketball athletes is less and less. This article through the literature data and access to physical training experts and grassroots Basketball Coaches in the first, the concept of core stability and the theory of comprehensive analysis and understanding; and then choose basketball jumper as a breakthrough, to consult the relevant training documents to influence the hit rate will be the core of the study of jumper. Stability training and traditional strength training were compared, and then analyzes the different strength training method and basketball jumper close between Relationship.According to the principle of core stability training, mainly designed to improve the basketball shooting of the core stability training content by using expert interviews and questionnaires, to verify the effect of core stability training hit rate on the jumper in an experiment, the experiment process is as follows:core stability training for seven weeks and three weeks before traditional and after the strength training of the experimental group 8; for a period of 10 weeks of traditional strength training in the control group of 8 people, from the last two horizontal and vertical direction between the two groups before and after the experiment of five shots,1 minutes jump shots and dribble stop jump shot hit rate, in order to verify the true effect of core stability training the results show that:two kinds of training methods are rate had a positive effect on the jumper, but in an unstable state for 1 minutes and dribble stop jump shot But there are significant differences, in which the core stability training is more significant than the traditional strength training, which shows that the core stability training is more targeted and effective than the traditional strength training.Core stability training of jump shot hit rate influence the experimental results can be as the core stability training applied to a breakthrough in basketball other technical movement training can also be extended to other sports core stability training. Believe that in high school basketball and other sports widely used core stability training methods, will further enhance the competitive level of our country as a whole.
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