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Analysis Of The Biological Teaching Materials Of Five-year Higher Vocational Education In Xilingol Vocational College

Posted on:2018-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,higher occupation colleges are increasing year by year,five year vocational education has been developing rapidly,but the professional settings are not in line with the social needs and training objectives and curriculum system and teaching content phenomenon.As one of the five year higher vocational studentsí basic cultural courses in biology and students not only closely related to daily life,but also related to medicine,animal husbandry,master the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for food processing applications such as professional student employment.Therefore,it is very important for fiveyear higher vocational education in the biological teaching materials to ensure the quality of construction and the reform of teaching materials.This paper uses the literature research method and case study method,analysis the biology textbooks edited by Ye Peimin(Peopleís education press in 1999,secondary normal school trial).The structure and content of the textbook,theoretical knowledge and practical content are systematically and comprehensively analyzed,which can pave the way for the future development of school-based biology textbooks suitable for five year higher vocational students.Through comprehensive analysis,it is learned that : first,the structure is not consistent with the level of biological teaching content.Second,from the content of the presentation,part of the narrative is too simple,lack of examples,with words,not suitable for the current fiveyear vocational students.Third,because the hear published year of the textbooks is earlier,so there are some concepts and the content behind the development of the times.Fourth,experiment,measurement and identification of the content of practice there are fewer,the distribution is uneven,lack of contact with life.Fifth,from the analysis of the exercises,the amount is less,failed to cultivate the studentsí ability of exploring problem.Sixth,textbook illustrations are less,some illustrations are without detailed annotation.Seventh,teaching extracurricular reading more content,but the lack of current and relevant biological what human beings pay more attention toAccording to the results of self teaching experience and analysis of materials,structure and content of biology textbooks on the five-year higher vocational education,put forward the following suggestions: first,the structure of teaching materials should reflect the level of teaching biology,suitable for occupation education should increase the practical content and diversified in element content.Second,theory contents and the data should follow the development of the times,and there can be a variety of forms.Third,experiments should pay attention to cultivating studentsí practical ability and strong operability.Fourth,content of the exercises to cultivate studentsí ability to explore and summarize,can increase the type of exercises.Fifth,illustrations should as precisely as possible for expression of relevant information.Sixth,extracurricular reading materials have to meet different needs and interests of students,can should add various professional and post relevant content.
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