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Small Groups Teaching Mode In Professional Sports Basketball Course Experiment Research

Posted on:2018-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512999761Subject:Physical Education
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Along with the continuous progress of quality education,education become the important driving force to promote the development of education reform.Education in colleges and universities as the top of the education system of "pyramid",carrying the talent motivation for social progress and national development.College education personnel training mode must adapt to social demand direction,this will require a college education through the reform of education mode to enhance education of prospective,universality and pertinence.Professional sports is the cradle of sport talents,colleges and universities is cultivating physical education teachers for the society,sports workers set up by the professional education.Groups in order to promote our country sports teachers and sports personnel quality promotion,need university sports professional win the long,from professional sports internal structure,the introduction of advanced education idea and education pattern,improve the comprehensive quality of sports professional students and the professional ability,can better adapt to the work to lay the foundation for the future.Small group teaching as a teaching mode which is widely used in recent years,under the high attention of experts and scholars in sports.In university sports professional application of small group teaching model can be a professional sports education pattern reform,to promote the development of professional sports in colleges and universities important breakthrough.Combined with my professional characteristics,based on the small group teaching model in college sports professional basketball course application as the research object,the integrated use of literature,expert interview method,questionnaire survey method,experimental method,mathematical statistics method of small group teaching model in professional sports in colleges and universities for students' physical quality,basketball skills,and students' comprehensive ability of experimental comparison and analysis were carried out.Compared to the results of the study believe that the traditional teaching mode,small group teaching model to promote students' basketball ability and interpersonal skills,confidence and team cohesion effect is more prominent,in the basketball teaching shouldbe more use of small group teaching mode.Compared with the traditional teaching mode,small group teaching mode to improve students' body quality effect is not obvious.Application of small group teaching mode of the experimental group students' basketball ability increase rapidly,significantly higher than the control group students.Application of small group teaching model is more helpful to improve the students' ability of basketball.Compared with the traditional teaching mode,application of small group teaching mode to cultivate students' good interpersonal skills,confidence and team cohesion is relatively more significant effect.
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