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Study Of The Current Situation Of Children's Sparetime Basketball Training In Henan

Posted on:2018-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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We know that children are the future of the country,the reserves of making country great,their healthy growth is essential.The majority of children are in the stage of physical development and psychological maturity.It is of great significance to promote the healthy development that taking apart in sports.With the phenomenon of children participating in amateur sports activities becomes more and more popular,the popularity of the sport has gradually been welcomed and favored by young people.Basketball is one of the most important sports,which greatly promotes the development of children amateur basketball training industries.At present,the children amateur basketball training industries in Henan has been developing rapidly,but at the same time,there are still some problems to be solved.Based on this,this paper uses the literature method,survey method,interview method,mathematical statistics and logical analysis.And the teaching of Henan province amateur basketball training courses were selected as the research object,and it concluded 132 training institutions of the province's 10 cities,Among them,Otherwise,from the five aspects of teaching objectives,teaching contents,teaching methods,teaching plans and teaching evaluation,the paper analyzes the present situation of teaching,and summarizes the existing problems and the measures to be taken.The main conclusions of this paper are as follows:Firstly,so far most of the children amateur basketball training classes in small and medium size in Henan province are founded by the social individual,aiming at profit.But large-sized classes with more than 150 students are relatively rare.Class types involve the junior,senior class,special training class,one-to-one class,overall test class,etc.The training time is usually on weekends and in summer vacations.At the same time,they also open the evening class,winter-vacation class and daytime class,and arrange corresponding courses according to student's schedule in the coming year.Secondly,current children amateur basketball training course in Henan province is currently mainly in small and medium-sized with less than 20 students.Most of the teaching staff are physical education majors,social sports majors or sports training majors' graduates with teaching age under 6 years.So their teaching experience and teaching ability are limited.In the training class,the number of the boy is much more than that of the girl,with an age group between 10 to 15 years old The students' purpose for attending the training course is to exercise their body,to meet their interest and their parents' demands and to improve their skills.Thirdly,children's amateur basketball training course in Henan province with large scale and good operating efficiency has formed the following teaching characters: the teaching plan is scientific and reasonable,feasible and subjective;the teaching goal is to enhance students' physical quality,to improve students' basketball skills,and to develop good character;.the teaching contents are interesting and practical;the teaching methods are mainly based on “situational teaching”;the teaching evalution is to present the students performance by “archival bag.”and to display the list regularly.Lastly,there are a series of problems to be solved in the process of children's amateur basketball training in Henan province,such as the lack of training ground,an broad teaching objective without logical unity and coherence,an misemphasis on teaching content design---"focus too much on skills and practice;ignore learner's feelings and theoretical knowledge",and on the teaching methods---"focus too much on tradition;ignore innovation",fail in the design of teaching mode and teaching evaluation project.In addition,there are also other serious problems such as "polarization" of teaching evaluation.In view of the current problems occurring in children's amateur basketball teaching classes in Henan province,this paper puts forward some suggestions from different angles.Government departments should strengthen the construction of public facilities of basketball;organizations and units,such as schools,gymnasium,grassroots community,should improve the openness of the basketball court facilities;children's amateur basketball training itself should also strengthen the application of all kinds of facilities so as to improve the use efficiency of facilities.Children's amateur basketball training organizations should study and summarize the core purpose of students' participating in basketball training activities,then direct course instructors to adhere to the principles "specific goals,distinguishing important and lesser ones,rich in content" to construct the specific teaching content,and then invite professors to systematically assess the teaching content to fully ensure the systemicness and rationality of the teaching content.Each training organization should regard teaching methods,innovation behavior and innovation effects as one of the important content of daily supervision and examination,and request coaches to innovate the teaching mode from three aspects: gameplay,life-orientation and competition.In the teaching appraisal aspect,encouragement,competition and honor are supposed to be adopted to set various evaluation links.The evaluation results are supposed to show the honor students,which plays the role of evaluation and at the same time,it can fully motivate students to learn new things.The competent department of mass sports in Henan province should improve the recognition of the importance of children's amateur basketball training activities,and formulate relevant development plans and supporting measures,guiding training industries to scientifically and reasonably develop teaching management activities.
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