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Research On The Teachers' Professional Development Of The Applied Newly-Established University

Posted on:2018-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515470273Subject:Higher Education
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Since the 1990 s,China has entered a stage that the higher education lies in a popular development,the process has broke the single academic talents as the goal of higher education,amounts of applied newly-established university has emerged.The universities focus on undergraduate education,for the regional economic society,based on applied and professional education,guide with the social demand,cultivates high-level applied talents.Academia has paid a lot attention to the college,cause teachers are the key factors affecting the development of the colleges and universities,so in the process of reformation and development of the new applied undergraduate university,teachers' professional development is a key problem to the future and destiny of the and universities.Based on the definition of the applied newly-established university,this text also analyzed the cause of the colleges and its provisions to their teacher's characteristics,seek the theory to support the teacher's professional development with multi-disciplinary perspective,use the questionnaire survey data as the foundation to reflect the current status of the teachers' professional development of the applied newly-established university in our country,summary and analyze its problems and reasons.And sum up that,although,from the current situation,the teachers' professional development institutions of the applied newly-established university in our country is gradually moving into a good aspect,there are still many problems.Mainly displays in that the teachers are lack of the enthusiasm and initiative for their professional development;the update rate of professional knowledge is low,the knowledge structure is not harmonious,the theoretical knowledge and the practical knowledge are imbalance;teachers' learning opportunities and study path are scarce.Investigate its reason,both has the teachers' internal factors and external environmental factors,such as the deviation of teachers' understanding about theprofessional development and the teachers' high self satisfaction,the school has not realized the significance of teachers' professional development,the relevant incentive and guarantee mechanism are few,and so on.Combined with the present situation and problem of the teachers' professional development of the new applied undergraduate colleges in our country,This article put forward some specific policy from three levels to promote the teachers' professional development of the newly applied undergraduate colleges in our country,such as the teacher,the school and the government.Including set up the consciousness of teachers' professional development,improve the ability of teaching reflection,efforts to strengthen the practice application ability,cultivating teachers' professional development community,establishing diversified teacher training system,establishing and perfecting the teaching monitoring mechanism,build a reasonable model of university-enterprise cooperation,and so on.Of course,the teacher professional development indeed is a process,and the teachers' professional development of the new applied undergraduate colleges in our country can not achieved by one time,its need a variety of measures to synthesis.
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