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Mathematical Analysis Of The Problems Of Labor Force Matching During The Industrial Upgrading

Posted on:2018-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515487125Subject:Labor economics
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In the process of industrial upgrading,technological progress require skilled workers involved in the labor production to have appropriate levels of know-ledge and technical ability,for getting with the mode of labor production changing.Currently labor market,however,appear to a phenomena of labor surplus,and even many college students or skill labor’s compensation equal to the ordinary workers’,which reduced the enthusiasm of the junior high school graduates continue to accept education,and resulting in the reduced quality of the labor force,thus reducing the supply of workers skills,cause the problem of insufficient power in the process of industrial upgrading,greatly slow the pace of industrial upgrading.At the same time,although a lot of skilled workers have work to cope with,but part of the job aren’t in conformity with professional technology,which led to the specialty technical workers is really difficult to play a key role.The phenomena of technology excess makes the labor force fall to meet the needs of production which will retard the pace of overall industrial upgrading in China.Providing the high quality of vocational education?high quality of higher education and in-service training that workers needed during labor production are beneficial way to solve these problems.Firstly,This article research related literature of the labor market,review the very literature.for lying a theoretical foundation for the paper writing,and improve the academic value of this article.At the same time,analyze the industrial transformation?upgrading and the relationship between the labor force.The results we found is that the transformation and upgrade of the industry must based on the labor force,only on the basis of meeting the technical requirements can we realize the industrial transformation and upgrade,eventually achieve the progress of the enterprise.To analysis the training in enterprises and high technical human capital related,we found that enterprise’s development cannot operate without the enterprise training,although this will increase the enterprise’s human capital,and even brings to the enterprise management risk,but the training is very necessary.Through analysis of vocational education in our country,we come to a conclusion that if we want to be a breakthrough of vocational education,we must get lessons from foreign vocational education to carry out the way of developed countries,such as the part of government investment,management system and provide support for vocational education employment prospects,etc.In the process of research,this article uses the literature analysis,mathematical logic and data to analysis and explore the problem of labor matching to industrial upgrading.In order to illustrate the importance of labor matching vividly,this article innovative use the form of mathematical analysis,analyses the theory of human capital.And with the adopt of the theory of gambling,we can transform from static analysis to dynamic analysis,which make the analysis process more intuitive.According to the analysis,this article example the vocational education development condition of Germany and The United States,which propose a better advice of development of vocational education in our country.The advise propose that we should strengthen government departments which occupies the leading position,actively guide all from of community actively involved in the development of vocational education,and promote vocational education upgrading of related services,create a good atmosphere of collaboration;Standardize vocational education in our country at the same time,changing people’s bad impression of vocational education;and can also take the lead in establishing pilot areas,where continuously exploring and practicing,gradually perfect the career,which make its develop formally,to lay the solid foundation for our country’s industrial upgrading.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technology innovation, Educational years, Market of labor, Characteristics of human capital, Learning by doing
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