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Health Fitness Concept In Professional Tennis Sports Teaching The Application Of The Research

Posted on:2018-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515959300Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Based on the professional sports tennis teaching reform as the starting point,to explore the tennis teaching method to the healthy development of the students,to improve students' tennis technique,at the same time enhance the overall quality of students,cultivate the students' lifelong sports concept.In the literature review,based on the theory of through the organization to carry out the new tennis teaching experiment in the school,and at the end of the teaching to the test data and questionnaire feedback from the student to arrange,in order to health fitness concept in professional sports tennis teaching,the application of comprehensive exploration and research.Purpose is to make health fitness concept and the combination of tennis teaching,promote the tennis teaching reform in colleges and universities,improve the quality of teaching,to create a suitable for modern tennis teaching,at the same time stimulate students psychological motivation of learning tennis,cultivating students' lifelong sports teaching mode,so as to promote the further popularization and development of tennis in colleges and universities.Through data integration of tennis teaching comb: tennis teaching before,two groups of students in health fitness cognition level and tennis technical and physical quality has not been appeared significant difference.After completion of tennis teaching experiment,the control group students for a healthy fitness cognition does not exist significant difference,while the experimental group students health fitness cognitive ability was improved;Two groups of students have increased in tennis technology,suggests that the health fitness teaching and traditional teaching mode can improve the students' tennis technique,but health fitness teaching in tennis technical evaluation for traditional teaching;The students in the experimental group had better knowledge of tennis theory and classroom performance than the control group.The students in the experimental group were better than the control group on the satisfaction and interest of the tennis course and the participation of the students.The experimental results show that the concept of health fitness in tennis teaching in colleges and universities have a certain teaching advantages,health fitness philosophy teaching can not only stimulate interest in tennis lessons,improve course satisfaction,promote students' tennis technology development,but also can promote students' ability of health fitness cognition,help students to plan reasonable exercise program,to lay the students' consciousness of lifetime sports concept.Combining the current education reform background and the practical problems of tennis teaching process,put forward the following Suggestions: first,health fitness philosophy is about student health as the core,should pay attention to the combination of knowledge and the training methods,attaches great importance to the knowledge of keeping fit and interest sex,at the same time,create a good learning environment to promote students to master knowledge and skills,train their consciousness of lifelong sports.Secondly,quality education is around the students as the center,should combine their own national conditions and tennis development rule,to absorb and draw lessons from excellent teaching mode,to create suitable for the new model of tennis teaching in our country,provide power for the development of tennis teaching.Finally,health fitness concept in the process of theoretical innovation and practice to obtain good effect,but the sports theory knowledge still need to continue to expand,to be developed is suitable for the teaching methods and means of modern education.
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