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Study On Regional Difference Of Investment Efficiency In Higher Education

Posted on:2018-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Higher education is the driving force of economic and social development.With the upgrading of technological innovation and industrial structure,the demand for education is increasing,and the role of higher education in economic growth is becoming more and more important.Education investment is an important way to improve the quality of human capital,promote technological innovation and promote regional economic development.At present,China's investment in higher education is in an uneven state,which seriously affects educational opportunities,educational conditions and unfair educational process,Education uneven development.As a result,the regional differences in the efficiency of investment in higher education have become an important factor restricting the social and economic development of our country.The article selection questions provide theoretical support for the development of regional higher education development strategies and regional socio-economic development plans.To promote the fair development of education,achieve equitable educational opportunities of great significance.In order to narrow the regional differences in the efficiency of higher education investment and explore the factors that affect the efficiency of investment in higher education,this paper is based on the theory of investment in education,through the analysis of the impact of regional differences in investment efficiency,sex.In the empirical part,this paper uses the DEA model to calculate the efficiency of higher education investment as the explanatory variable,select the 31 provinces of higher education in China from 2005 to 2014 input and output data,and the provinces to per capita GDP as a measure of the index is divided into three This paper makes a empirical study on the relationship between the influencing factors and the investment efficiency of higher education by using the combination of fixed effect and stochastic effect.The conclusion is that economic development has a significant positive effect on the efficiency of higher education investment in each region The industrial structure has a significant positive effect on the efficiency of higher education investment,which has the greatest impact on the low income area.The level of human capital has a positive correlation with the efficiency of investment in higher education,which has a great influence on the higher income area.The regional expenditure on education has no significant effect on the efficiency of education investment in the higher income areas,and there is a significant positive correlation between the middle and low income regions.The expenditure of regional higher education accounts for the total expenditure of education.The proportion of expenditure is that has a significant positive effect on the investment efficiency of higher education in each region use.Through the study,it is found that regional economic development level,regional industrial structure,regional human capital stock,regional financial operation and regional government investment policy and other factors on the impact of higher education investment efficiency there are regional differences.Based on this,the following policy suggestions are put forward: deepening the reform of the economic system,promoting the change of the regional development mode,making the government and the market play a better role in the allocation of educational resources;strengthening the market-oriented to enhance the competitiveness of the university market;Increase the investment in higher education,enhance the level of human capital,promote the overall regional economic stability and development;broaden the education investment channels,so that more social capital into the education system,expand the total investment in higher education,and thus improve Higher investment efficiency.
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