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Research On Government 's Guide To The Sharing Of Curriculum Resources In Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2017-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330536453048Subject:Public administration
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University Town and University Union is the outcome of the development of modern education under the guidance of the Government.The sharing of university education resources operates as the core mechanism to reduce education cost,improve the quality of education as an ecessary prerequisite and goal.Guangzhou University City is one of the classic representative of the modern university alliance.As the educational resources of quasi-public products,how to integrate the construction of curriculum resources sharing in the process of domestic modernization in the background of internationalization andinformatization of higher education has become the topic of the times and the practice of education.In this paper,for the study of how government to guide the construction of curriculum resources sharing,Guangzhou University City will be an example to research and discuss,as follows:The first chapter summarizes the meaning and research background of the guidance of the government to share the curriculum construction in colleges and universities.It also classifies and evaluates the research achievements in the same direction at home and abroad.Meanwhile,it defines and explains relevant concepts.In the second chapter,taking Guangzhou University Town as an example,the author investigates the current situation of the implementation of curriculum resources sharing in colleges and universities,mainly from three dimensions: the Guangzhou University Town basic situation,the Government in Guangzhou University City curriculum resource sharing in the construction of the guidance of the current situation and implementation through the questionnaire survey and interviews.In the third chapter,through the thorough analysis of the questionnaire and the interview results,the author finds out the problems and causes of the construction of the curriculum resources sharing in the universities.The main factors include: the enthusiasm and participation of students is not high,the sharing of curriculum resources is low,the policy is not enough,the mutual recognition of credit is difficult,the teacher-student ratio is too high,the burden of teaching is too high,Lack of sharing of courses,system management platform construction is not perfect,a single channel for special funds,lack of adequate funding and incentive mechanisms,sharing of opaque,the lack of assessment and evaluation system.The fourth chapter,taking the American CIC alliance as an example,summarizes the experiences of curriculum resources sharing construction in foreign universities,and provides useful experiences for the construction of university alliance in China.In the fifth chapter,the author puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions on how to guide the construction of university curriculum resources sharing by combining the results of the investigation and research of Guangzhou University Town and the related reasons.These include: actively guide colleges and universities to establish the concept of openness and cooperation,the development of shared culture,the establishment of an effective operation and management system,incentive mechanism,assessment and evaluation mechanism,to encourage colleges and universities to carry out various forms of training mode,the establishment of curriculum,expand and enrich the shared Curriculum resources,the establishment of a perfect system of mutual recognition of credit,improve the unified information management platform,compatible with network curriculum resources sharing platform.
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