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Study On The Vocational Education Curriculum Development From The Perspective Of Labor Market

Posted on:2018-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the progress of science and technology,the upgrading of the industrial structure,especially the occupation education occupation technology education plays a very important role in the education system of our country,the cultivation of technical talents in the labor market for the new demand of the development of the service economy,improve the re employment rate is very important.In recent years,the market of excellent technology,strong ability of compound and innovative talents with high skill needs urgent,and the current labor market of our country is facing a shortage of skilled personnel and college graduates to full employment dilemma.In order to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand structure of the labor force,in the field of education,the curriculum is the backbone of cultivating talents,accelerate the adjustment of curriculum structure,curriculum development work actively,promote the curriculum structure by knowledge transition to the application type,is the key to solve the above talent dilemma.Therefore,this paper attempts to construct a set of theoretical framework of curriculum development process which is in line with the characteristics of vocational education,in order to provide theoretical guidance for the practice of curriculum development.The main content of this paper is on the perspective of the labor market as the starting point,with the theoretical basis definition of occupation technology education curriculum development characteristics,including philosophy of education theory,learning theory,sociology and economics theory,the principle of development of seven course should follow the four basic theory under the guidance of the orientation and the key,Appropriate professional survey,analysis dynamically post skills,refined to draft curriculum goals,proactively defines curriculum content,curriculum implementation effective organization,and to efficiently evaluate the efficacy of the course.Based on the above research results,the current situation of Vocational and technical educationcurriculum development in China is discussed,analysis of the main part of the occupation technology education curriculum development in our country,the curriculum evaluation with the following four steps: one is based on the curriculum design,Market Research Based on the organization’s mission curriculum development,based on "doing" and "curriculum implementation process-result".
Keywords/Search Tags:labor market, vocational and technical education, curriculum dedevelopment theory, curriculum development process
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