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Study On The Customer Satisfaction Of Guangdong Peizheng College

Posted on:2017-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Customer satisfaction(CS) is a concept in the field of marketing,which refers to a pleasant state customer experiences after using a product(or service) compared with his expectations before purchase, or otherwise a disappointment state. Customer satisfaction theory is widely used in the enterprise management and has so far achieved great results. Given the special nature of higher education, research and the application of customer satisfaction in the field of higher education is currently handful.With China's reform and opening up and economic development, China's higher education has shifted from the elite education to the mass education, with a proliferation in the number of private colleges and universities and the applications for universities abroad. All of these result in a serious competition for students.Competition between universities has become intense, and therefore how to obtain customer satisfaction has become a key for survival for the private colleges and universities at home.The author works for GDPZC and selects it as a research object. By adopting customer satisfaction theory and models, a comprehensive analysis of customer satisfaction is conducted in the form of questionnaires, with the purpose of improving customer satisfaction and of proposing appropriate countermeasures and suggestions based on the results.This paper is divided into five chapters. The first chapter mainly introduces the research background, significance, research methods and results and trends. The second chapter introduces the formation and development of customer satisfaction theory and related definitions and models, and demonstrates the feasibility and necessity of applying CS theory to private colleges and universities personnel training.The third chapter describes the basic information about the research subject of this article, GDPZC. Chapter IV adopts the questionnaire to conduct a comprehensive CS surveys, including student satisfaction survey, staff satisfaction survey and employer satisfaction survey. Results show that: Students are not satisfied with the school's branding; teachers are not satisfied with payment and training/promotion system; and employers are not satisfied with graduates' professional knowledge and practical ability of graduates. Chapter V relates to the problem found in the precious chapter,and proposes measures and recommendations to enhance customer satisfaction.
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