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Problems And Countermeasures Of Non-profit Organizations' Participation In Home Pension Service

Posted on:2018-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The current situation of population aging and its development trend is a basic national condition that must be firmly grasped by our country to build a well-off society in an all-round way and to promote the socialist modernization drive.With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of medical level,people's life is prolonged,the decline of the ability of the elderly to create wealth and the increase in the cost of survival,which will undoubtedly China's economic and social and other aspects of a huge impact.In the severe aging trend,China adopts the "active aging" policy,that is,in the home care service emphasizes the important role of non-profit organizations,the formation of government guidance and supervision,non-profit organizations responsible for the implementation of specific management of the new " Combined with " home care service system.To promote the government and non-profit organizations in the old-age service cooperation,so that the role of the government from the overall management to macro to guide the change,so as to play the advantages of non-profit organizations,improve work efficiency,improve service quality,enrich the material and cultural life of the elderly,To promote the improvement of the living standards of the elderly,and gradually establish a more complete,meticulous,comprehensive and thoughtful way to care for the elderly home.China's non-profit organizations to participate in home care services has achieved some success,but in view of China's non-profit organizations to participate in home care services facing the complex environment and the complexity of the problem itself,in a short time also faces many problems,For example,the policies formulated by the government have yet to be improved,the ideas need to be updated,the shortage of resources,the problems of government supervision and social supervision are not in place,the development of civil society is not mature,the non-profit organization's internal management system is not standardized,Problems and so on.Aiming at the common problems of non-profit organizations in China 's domestic pension service,this paper summarizes and analyzes the relevant practical experiences of Ningbo City,which is relatively well developed in this field.Combining with the practice of Ningbo and the present situation Important strategic period,in accordance with China's "thirteen five" plan in the overall goal of building a well-off society,the national service industry and health services industry development requirements,launched a reflection on this issue,and finally put forward to solve the current non-profit Organizational participation in home care services.
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