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Research On The Policy Of Guangdong Coastal Sports And Coastal Tourism Industry

Posted on:2018-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330536982865Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years,the government attaches importance of marine development and promote the development of marine industry.Building maritime power is the main strategy.Coastal sports and coastal tourism industry as the part of coastal leisure industry plays an important role in the marine industry development and economic and social development process.Coastal sports and coastal tourism in common is for health,leisure and other public activities for the purpose of public affairs is an important part.The integration of the two has become the inevitable trend of social development.The policy development is particularly important for the integration of the two industries.This paper studies the relevant policies of the development of coastal sports and coastal tourism industry in China by literature research,case analysis,comparative research,field research and other methods.And Combined with some areas for the promotion of coastal sports and coastal tourism industry integration policy to explore the case.By comparing the experience of other developed countries,This paper formulate the policy of the development of Binhai Sports and Coastal Tourism Industry in Guangdong Province.This paper can help solve the problems in the development of Coastal Sports and Coastal Tourism industry,promote the healthy development of coastal sports tourism in Guangdong Province,the transformation of marine industry development mode and the implementation of marine power strategy.Part one: introduction.This part mainly discusses the research background and significance,the research status of the domestic and foreign relevant policies,the research framework,the research methods and the innovation of this paper.The second part: related concepts and theories.Clarify the theoretical basis of this study,based on the existing research on the coastal sports and coastal tourism industry,industrial integration theory,the theory of government intervention and the development of the current status of carding and summary.The third part: the current situation of Guangdong Binhai sports and coastal tourism industry integration development policy.From Guangdong province sports policy and tourism policy in the coastal sports tourism integration policy and coastal sports and coastal tourism integration of Guangdong province to analyze the existingpolicy.The fourth part analyzes the problems in the development of Guangdong Binhai sports and coastal tourism industry.Mainly from four aspects to analyze the reasons and problems are: laws and regulations system and policy planning,market development and industry threshold,administrative management system and management mechanism and environmental damage.The fifth part: case analysis.Divided into other coastal areas of China and the Australian sports industry and tourism industry,the main development of the integration of the experience of the two parts of the measures,focusing on learning from the excellent experience.The sixth part: put forward on coastal sports in Guangdong province and coastal tourism industry convergence development policy recommendations,including perfecting the system of laws and regulations,formulate and improve the scientific standard system,improve the administrative management system,establish efficient supervision mechanism,the protection of coastal sports tourism resources and environment etc.The seventh part: conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:coastal sports, coastal tourism, industrial convergence, policy research
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