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The Survey Of Influence Factors And Improving The Student Satisfaction Of XH International Curriculum Center

Posted on:2019-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the growing of economic globalization,our country focus more and more on the education part.Cultivating talents is becoming an unprecedented serious challenge.Secondary education,an important phase in the process of cultivating talents.In present-day society,people hold different options about international schools and they don't have a clear understanding of international courses.Those who choose to study in an international school don't have any criteria about the quality of various international courses,so they are demanding higher-quality international education.XH International Curriculum Center introduced A-level course in 2010.As the growing competition of international education market,school faced different problems about how to increase self-competitiveness and how to stand out among many strong competitors.And the satisfaction of customers is a very important index to judge the self-competitiveness.Evaluating the satisfaction of students can also help the school to improve its quality of serve and its level of management.What this article tries to carry out questionnaire survey to and interview students about the satisfaction of the school.The school can work out an initial analysis about the student satisfaction of the XH International Curriculum Center to analysis the data.Based on the analysis and the actual situation of the school,the managers can put forward the corresponding strategy to improve the school.Secondary international education institutions share common targets like cultivating international talents.It means we can conclude a regular rule from the analysis of a single case.This article aims to initiate the setup of international secondary school.
Keywords/Search Tags:international courses, international high school, A-Level, student satisfaction, customer satisfaction
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