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Research On Project Investment Control Of New Campus Of Shanghai Jian Qiao University Based On Value Engineering

Posted on:2019-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y S ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330548961499Subject:Project management
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In recent years,private colleges have developed rapidly,and infrastructural projects have been increasing.Due to the simplicity and shortage of the funds for the construction of private colleges,the school must strengthen the investment control of infrastructural projects and improve economic and social benefits of the investment so as to realize the sustainable development of the schools.This paper takes the new campus project of Shanghai Jian Qiao University which is private colleges as the research object.Integrated the characteristics application of quality function deployment and value engineering,and aims to explore a set of practical investment control method for the infrastructural management department of privatecolleges.In terms of the structure,the author first elaborates the significance of the research,analyzed the research status ofquality function development and value engineering in domestic and foreign engineering projects field,anddiscussed the application time,application scope and application effect of quality function development and value engineering method in project management;secondly,the author studied the principles and methods of quality function development and value engineering and their application in project,constructed the value engineering investment control application model which is combined with the quality function development;thirdly,the authoranalyzed and summarized the problems of the new campus project of Shanghai Jian Qiao University,and the characteristics of investment control of this project,put forward the application path of value engineering in the investment control of each stage of this project construction,and selected the three stages of this project construction process,to verify the investment control effect when we applied the above methods and model;finally,the author summarizes the results of the research and application,points out the shortcomings in this study and the direction to be further studied.With the deepening research and development of the project investment control theory,the application of value engineering and quality function development method will continue to be improved and developed,and get better application effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:construction project, investment control, value engineering, quality function deployment
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