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The Study Of The Newly Built Private-owned Kindergarten Leader: Narrative Inquiry On Professional Development

Posted on:2018-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In this study,the writer chooses a newly built private--owned kindergarten leader as its research subject.The writer uses observational method,interview method,document analysis method to gather information,reveals the development phase of a kindergarten leader through practical level and micro level in dimensional way and discusses how this principle make self-development by interacting with environment.Based on this,the writer analyses the internal and external factors affecting the professional development of individual case and takes it as a reference for other teachers who make contribution to kindergarten and development and growth of other newly built private-owned kindergarten leader.The research is divided into five parts.The first part is introduction.The first part mainly introduces the dissertation reason,the current situation of study,the goal and meaning of the study,research idea and method,demarcation of concept.As the main part of passage,the second part tells a story of individual case.Using the writing method of narration interspersed with comments,the writer makes intensive study to describe the specific experience of individual case and presents the course of professional development truly and objectively based on the technical secondary school period,teaching period and principle period.The third part is analysis of professional development of individual case.The writer reflects the professional development factors affecting the individual case from two aspects.The internal factors include excellent personality,advanced scientific educational ideas,positive practice and diligent reflection.The external factors include key figures,key events and other factors.In the fourth part,the writer makes suggestions on promoting the professional development of the principle of privately-owned kindergartens.On the one hand,the principal should adhere to the idea of scientific education,persist in learning,practicing and rethinking,and enhance the awareness of self-professional development.On the other hand,the community should pay more attention to the newly built private-owned kindergarten,provide training for the principal in the newly built private-owned kindergarten,and improve the kindergarten teachers’ professional titles evaluation system.The fifth part is conclusion.The writer makes conclusion and reflection of this research from its content,validity,generalization,ethnic and morality and disadvantages.As a research on individual case,this research reveals the feature of individual case in nature.Despite many shortcomings in this research,the writer hopes that this research can appeal people from different walks of society who are interested in kindergarten teachers and newly built private-owned kindergarten to make more deep and scientific research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly Built Private-owned Kindergarten, Professional Development of Kindergarten leader, Narrative Inquiry
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