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High School Thought Political Lesson Teaching To Explore The Effectiveness Of Application To Flip The Classroom

Posted on:2019-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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While promoting social development and transformation,the renewal of scientific and technological also promotes the transfoemation of eduction.The new thinking in the development of network has penetrated the whole system of ecology of education,in the meantime,it promotes profound changes at many levels,such as the education concept,education concent,education method,learning methods and management modes.Technological innovtion provides for the reform of traditional classroom teaching.Flipped classroom as a new way model to break through the traditional classroom teaching,has attracted the attention of the majority of educators.It breaks the boundary of time and space in traditional classrooms,broadens the contents of classroom teaching,change the traditional teaching process,reverses the traditional teaching modea,and reflects new curriculum concepts-“learning before teaching”,”taking students as the center”.Compared Political lesson with other disciplines such as Chinese,math and English,its teaching purposes,requirements and teaching contents are more necessary to be updated with the times and innovation.Therefore,with the help of quality-oriented education,teachers need to constantly open up new perspective on classroom teaching,get rid of the shackles of traditional teaching ideas,and better implement the right teaching philosopy.The reform of classroom teaching of Political lesson in middle school is imperative.Based on the practical case of classroom teaching,this study combines theoretical theory and practical case togethere.Taking the Experimental Middle School in Guan Xian as an example,this research studied the effectiveness of the application of flipping classroom in Middle School through questionnaire and interview method.Firstly,this study introduces the meaning,nature and characteristics of flipped classroom.Secondly,based on the questionnaire and interview,teaching examples from the Political lessons of flipped classroom in Middle School has some advantages,but it also has some deficiencies.Finally,this study provides several coping strategies after analyzing thequestionnaires,the teaching examples and the interview.This study may help the flipped classroom play a better role in the future applications,ensure the effectiveness and practical feasibility of the strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:flippedclassroom, political class, effectiveness, application strategy
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