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Signal Processing Technology For Nanometer Time Grating Displacement Sensor

Posted on:2017-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330488465871Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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Precision displacement measurement technology as the base of high-grade CNC machine tools and equipment manufacturing,is directly related to the relevant national major projects.Its level is an important symbol to represent a country's manufacturing modernization degree.In the past ten years,the precision displacement measurement technology has been developed greatly,and has entered the "nanometer" era.The research of nanometer displacement sensor with long measurement range concentrated on the grating measurement method around the world,but the precision lithography and subdivision of high stability are the two major technical difficulties,which is difficult to break through.Therefore,a new nanometer time grating sensor based on alternating electric field is proposed.In the process of nanometer time grating sensor research,it is found that the signal characteristics and the structure of the measurement system are lack of understanding,which limited the measurement accuracy.The phenomenon is the uniform velocity of reference system,the coupled channel of signal and SNR.Aiming at these three aspects,the nanometer time grating signal processing technology is researched to find the source of error and improve precision.The research is based on the integrity of the signal and system.The main research contents are as follows: firstly,the signal transmission circuit has been analysed based on depth study for basic structure and sensing principle,the signal transmission model is built according to the analysis results,focusing on the circuit model of system,found the specific sources of error is distributed parameters and device parameters consistency and the signal transmission efficiency.Secondly,The follower isolator technology and closed-loop control technology and multiple comparison technology were proposed to solve above problems.The three technologies were used to develop nanometer grating signal processing system;Finally,a large number of experiments were conducted from the circuit level to application level.The experiment results show that the system error reduced by 37.5%,the random error reduced by 66.7%,without loss of response speed of the premise.The new signal processing technologies was effective.The final measurement accuracy of nanometer time grating sensor was 200nm,and the resolution was 1nm.The nanometer time grating sensor showed good comprehensive properties in industrial environments.The nanometer time grating signal processing technology was researched,which adopted signal modeling and system analysis,and combined with the theoretical research and practical test.Through the research of nanometer time grating signal processing technology,signal characteristics and the system structure was deeply understood,the measurement accuracy was improved,and the industrialization process of time grating was promoted.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nanometer measurements, Time grating sensors, Signal processing, System model, Error analysis
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