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Application Of Web 3D Visualization Technology In Smart Home

Posted on:2018-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518995297Subject:Computer technology
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With the development of computer technology, Internet of things is widely used in all aspects of life. Smart home is the field that is successfully applied in people's lives of Internet of things. With the improvement of living environment requirements, smart home will be more applied to the new housing, into the lives of people bit by bit. Smart home applications will also toward the direction of more intelligent, user-friendly development. 3D technology is a direction of smart home application,which use virtual reality technology in order to make people get a better experience in the visual. Web 3D technology is on the basis of the online way to achieve operational control, to avoid the installation of heavy client program, using WebGL technology to achieve the Web three-dimensional applications, can be free viewed in the multi-terminal, and not limited by operating system restrictions.Based on WebGL technology, this paper develops a 3D scene model for smart home, and designs a unified model data format. It solves the problem that there are many plugins in traditional 3D technology, poor ability, non-unified three-dimensional model format and other issues.Secondly, a scalable scheme for 3D scene model is proposed, which separates the smart device from the smart home and provides the basic smart device by establishing the device model library. When a new physical device is added, the specific device model is selected according to the relevant information of the device, and the corresponding relationship between the actual device and the model is established by a unique ID, and the position of the device in the home model is determined according to the spatial position information of the device. The user can also specify the location of the device by manual adjustment.Then, this paper realizes the three-dimensional visualization of perceptual data, which provides users with convenient data management function more intuitively than traditional graphic display.Finally,a set of smart home event processing mechanism is designed and implemented. In the bottom of the system, using the rules of the engine to achieve event handling. In the user interaction level, providing users with a visual graphical management interface for event management and related operations.
Keywords/Search Tags:WebGL, Virtual Reality, Smart Home, Threedimensional model, 3D
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