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Research On Wavelet Denoising Method Based On Threshold Function And Threshold

Posted on:2018-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y K WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330533963522Subject:Computational Mathematics
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Wavelet threshold denoising method has the advantages of small computation,good effect and simple realization.It is widely used in the field of signal processing and is a hotspot in the field of mathematics.With the development of science and technology and information industry,signal and image processing problems become more and more prominent.But the traditional wavelet threshold function has its own some limitations,making it has not adapted to the field of signal processing requirements.So it is necessary to find a new wavelet threshold denoising method.After a lot of researches on wavelet threshold function denoising method,a new wavelet threshold denoising method is proposed from the two key aspects of threshold function construction and threshold estimation.The concrete implementation is as follows:Firstly,the paper summarizes the theory of wavelet analysis,introduces the development process and application field of wavelet analysis,and analyzes and studies the wavelet threshold denoising method.Secondly,based on the study of hard threshold function and soft threshold function,a new threshold function is constructed.Unlike the hard threshold function and the soft threshold function,the new threshold function overcomes their shortcomings and has good mathematical analysis characteristics.Simulation results show that the method is ideal for denoising.Again,the paper proposes a new wavelet threshold denoising method from the threshold point of view.This method proposes an adaptive threshold,constructs a new threshold function based on the adaptive threshold,and verifies the effectiveness of the method by simulation experiments.Finally,the paper summarizes the advantages of wavelet threshold denoising and the application prospect of wavelet,and points out that the wavelet threshold denoising method continues to study the direction...
Keywords/Search Tags:Wavelet analysis, wavelet transform, wavelet threshold denoising, adaptive fuzzy threshold
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