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Research On Bidding Risk Of Simulation Software Project Of Power Plant

Posted on:2017-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330488989157Subject:Industrial engineering
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With the development of electric power industry in C hina, electric power industry now has entered the phase which possesses the character of high parameter, large units, high voltage. Power plant operators need to understand the characteristics of generator set, grasp the rules affecting the operation of production and abnormal accidents, and can adjust the operation method, accident treatment. This requires electricity workers have the higher ability. So a modern high technology should be design and develop to provide guidelines and technical means for power workers. It can be used for scientific production and accident analysis, more and more get the attention of the electricity workers. Large power grid generating unit simulation software emerged in response to the requirements of the power plant operator in simulation operation training and fault handling. As to the simulation software enterprise, with the purpose of reducing phased risk during bidding and software developing, so as to win a bid and carry out a project successfully, they need to analyze the risk of the whole bidding process and make evaluation, then adopt corresponding risk control measures according to the evaluation results for reasonable control of whole process risk.In this paper, concepts related to the project bidding risk management are detailed described firstly, then the method and process of risk identification are discussed, finally the method of establishing risk assessment system is introduced. This research makes use of analytic hierarchy process to establish the influence factor structure model; calculates the weight of each risk factor; and evaluates the risk level of the project by fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. After establishing risk assessment model, it verifies the practicality of established model through examples, and achieves good result. This paper has an innovation point on establishing relevant risk assessment and management methods. In order to overcome interference of qualitative factor existed in previous study, this paper combines qualitative and quantitative method to establish the risk evaluation model which fits for simulation software project, and gives corresponding suggestion according to the feature and e valuation result of projects, which may provide some reference for simulation software enterprises in bidding activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Simulation software, risk management, risk identification, analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
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