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Research On The Growth Of Information Technology Service Corporation Listed On The New Third Board

Posted on:2017-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Software and information services is the decisive factor to Promote world economic growth and social development in this century, To the end of 2015,Software and information technology services has became the largest industry in National Equities Exchange and Quotations and has about 781 listed corporation.When company was listed on New Third Board, the most concerned thing by Investors are the growth Status. because, the growth Status not only can help Investor make right choice but also can help the manager to operate the corporation appropriately.Firstly, through elaborated the literature about enterprise growth evaluation, this paper summarized the main contents and methods of enterprise growth evaluation, including the selection of evaluation index and evaluation method, those work laid foundation for evaluating the growth of enterprise listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations. Secondly, through analysising how to grow about enterprise and the characteristics of Software and information technology services corporation, this paper illustrated how many factors will influence the growth of corporation and selected the most important factors as the basis of growth evaluation. Those factors covers 10 index respectively distributed in technology research and development, enterprise scale, operational capacity, the capacity of Operating securely. All the data of index collected from financial statements of 66 sample companies from 2012 to 2014. Thirdly, to those collected data,using factor analysis method make data verification, data analysis, common factor extraction, common factor score calculation, thus,the total score of the sample firms will be got. Then, ranking sample firms according to the score of technology research and development, enterprise scale, operational capacity, the capacity of operating securely. according to precedence table, paper analyzed the basic situation of sample firms in these aspects and the main conditions of high-growth corporation and low-growth corporation which selected from total score table in order to find out the main factors affecting the growth of the company. Finally, according to the results of empirical analysis, paper proposed the suggestions about how to improve the growth of the Software and information technology services corporation listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations from the perspective of managers. On the other hand, lots of influence factor relating to the government have not be included in the model, those factor are also important to the growth of corporation, so, paper put forward some suggestions from the pointview of government.
Keywords/Search Tags:National Equities Exchange and Quotations, growth Status, software and information technology services Industry, actor Analysis
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