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Research On The Operation Mode Of The Private Equity Investment Fund Of FHC Company

Posted on:2016-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H W FeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2349330503494774Subject:Business management
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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the operation patterns of private equity fund in TV drama series field, by adopting a combination of theoretical and empirical research techniques. The methodology used in this paper is raised from author's own practical experiences of equity investment with the TV series equity fund as target, on the basis of “dot to surface” and “inside and out” strategy of investment layout for the whole industrial chain, which is different from the majority of other previous researchers.First of all, this paper reviews the current trend in the development of media industry in China, explores rules of media industry's development and states the present situation of the capital market, on the basis of the institutional environment of this country.Secondly, China's TV series industry is studied systematically, which includes the definition of TV series, TV drama industry chain and value chain analysis, China's TV industry development status analysis, the TV industry business model analysis, China's TV industry trends and investment fund status in this industry.Thirdly, the focus of this paper is operation pattern of the FHC company's private equity fund investment, the fund is defined as "the value of Chinese TV industry ecosystem", which is to build a TV drama Copyright(IP) as the investment basis, and expand to the film, games, electricity suppliers, such as dynamic diffuse. To create a series of TV drama industry system, including the current TV drama industry chain, the downstream participants and collaborators, and the TV drama industry associated with the external new intervention. The fund investment strategy is "from dot to surface, from inside to outside". Television drama copyright is the center point of the investment of the fund, but also the starting point and basis point, around the TV drama industry ecology, outside the two systems, the excavation of deep resources and opportunities within and outside the industry's internal system. The focus of the fund investment includes: copyright trading platform; new technology and new mode; cross products and derivatives; network drama, television production, distribution and play platform five major areas. Specific to the investment project standards are mainly from the sub areas and strategic value, business and competitive position, management team and corporate governance, corporate finance, law and compliance and capital operation and exit channel 6 aspects of evaluation.Fourthly, studies the CW media investment case. Valuating the project according to the basic situation of the CW media companies, and the motivation of the reorganization in subsequent, mergers and acquisitions market effects are also introduced.Finally, suggestions are given according to the FHC company's private equity investment fund operation situation, including further research in specific industry area, improve the professional level of private equity investment fund management team, through professional resources and to build trust, reduce the investment risk and cost, etc..
Keywords/Search Tags:Media Convergence, Private Equity Investment, Mobile Internet, TV play, Operation Mode, Investment Strategy
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