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Research On Marketing Strategy Of Fiscal And Tax Control Software Products For Zhong Ruan Yi Qiao Software Company

Posted on:2017-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330512957892Subject:Business Administration
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IT will be the future of the Internet industry’s leading enterprises, but also a high-tech enterprise, is one of the best software development, software developers need to do high-tech support for software enterprises, improve the technological content and innovative products will enable get its market share in the market increase, the company’s general business development will put emphasis on research and development, marketing, and not on top, small and medium enterprises, too,SMEs themselves small, thin financial resources, it is impossible to lot of money into product development, rely on marketing to capture the market, which is caused due to its own limitations, very few companies to tailor marketing strategies, market positioning and marketing goals with a certain blindness, market activities are also in a state of disorder, relevant planning is not in place. The reason is that companies do not go into the importance of marketing and manager of strategic vision is not enough,was not allowed to control the market, these are the major factors limiting the development of enterprises, so we use scientific methods to analyze and summarize,to enable SMEs in the software market, more functional, seize the opportunity.Country’s economic lifeline that tax, in the information technology and rapid development of today, the taxes are dependent on the tax software, a good stable tax software directly related to the efficiency of the tax work, but soft and easy bridge As a veteran in the tax industry, primarily in the company to analyze its marketing strategy has important significance.For soft Yi Bridge Company marketing customer relationship, service, quality of personnel and product development problems of combining marketing theory analysis software products, political, technological and economic environment, the macro;there are industry competitors, customers microscopic etc. and in accordance with the soft and easy bridge software company’s current situation a marketing strategy analysis(that is SWOT analysis), detailed study of the company’s strengths, aspects,weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, focusing expand the advantages and analysis opportunities(that is SO analysis), based on the results of the analysis of company taxation soft Yi bridge product market segmentation, target selection and positioning strategy, followed by analysis and the development of marketing programs from the model, customer relations and quality service, with data presented tax software companies together promote social development, in this concept, to develop product marketing ideas. Finally, the implementation of the principles of soft Yi bridge company tax product marketing strategy, steps and effective measures with suitable, and through the formation of the team, to strengthen marketing control,strengthen the marketing management culture, strengthen the marketing management process and strengthen the marketing performance evaluation to ensure the implementation of marketing programs, through the soft easy to bridge marketing strategy analysis, from the advantages of the product driven Internet industry, thus boosting the company’s overall development, and promote small and medium enterprises to promote the comprehensive development of society, good governance to achieve the company’s goal of Societe Generale.Aiming Marketing Strategy Study and Analysis of Soft and Easy bridge software products for the future development of soft and easy bridge provides a marketing strategy and guarantee the implementation of programs for the development of soft and easy bridge pointed out the direction for the future development of soft and easy bridge has important meaning. At the same time soft and easy bridge through the marketing strategy analysis can be extended to other relevant development of SMEs,the development of other small and medium enterprises have a reference role.
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