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Research On Organizational Ambidextrous Learning And Entrepreneurial Performance Of New Ventures From The Perspective Of Entrepreneurial Bricolage

Posted on:2018-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330512973730Subject:Business management
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China's economy is in a special period of development and transformation,a new round of entrepreneurial boom is quietly emerging with the political background of'Public entrepreneurship,innovation'.However,new ventures face a serious survival problem in the fierce competition environment due to the newborn 'weakeness5 of resources scarcity.In spite of this,there are still a lot of enterprises survived and grow well after make full use of its own advantage and this has attracted the attention of scholars.Organizational learning is help to formate the enterprises5 competitive advantage,it can bring the latest market information and knowledge,also can promote the innovative behaviors.Thus,organizational learning is always be the hot topic in the entrepreneurship field.The research on organizational learning in the entrepreneurship field is mainly focused on the impact of corporate performance.The study on the mechanism of organizational learning on the enterprise performance has made some progress,but it5s still very scattered.Considering the characteristics that lack of resources of new enterprises,this paper tries to open the black box of the mechanism of organizational learning on entrepreneurial performance from the perspective of'inner-bom resource'.For the new ventures,how to break the shackles of resources is the key to solve the newborn "weakness".Bricolage theory provides a new perspective for the new venture on the creative use of internal resources.Organizational learning includes two types,exploration learning and exploitation learning.From the view of resources,exploration learning is to discover the new service and to have a new understanding of resources.While exploitation learning is to improve the use efficiency of existing resources and to have a new attribute.Researchs show that to carny out entrepreneurial bricolage activities require an improvise and open organizational environment.A good entrepreneurial atmosphere can effectively promote the creative use of resources and to improve the entrepreneurial performance.Based on the above analysis,the paper studys the new ventures based on the theories of organizational learning,resource based and entrepreneurial bricolage.The main line is 'define and acquire the resources,develop and utilize the resources,realize the value of resources'.The main research path is 'organizational dual learning,entrepreneurial bricolage,entrepreneurial performance5.The paper investigates the influence of organizational dual learming(exploration learning and exploitation learning)on entrepreneurial performance,the role of entrepreneurial bricolage in the relationship between organizational learning and entrepreneurial performance and explores the impact of entrepreneurial atmosphere on the entrepreneurial bricolage and performance.The paper structures the theoretical framework and proposes the research hypothesis through literature review,enterprise interview and case analysis.Based on 217 new enterprise' survey data and use the SPSS 19.0 to analyze the data.We draw the following conclusions:First,exploration learning and exploitation learning have a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial performance.Second,exploration learning and exploitation learning have a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial bricoolage.Third,the entrepreneurial bricolage has a partial mediator effect between organizational ambidextrous learning and entrepreneurial performance.Fourth,entrepreneurial atmosphere is to adjust the relationship between entrepreneurial bricolage and performance.Last,this paper discusses the conclusions of this study and propses some implications for management and points out the deficiencies of the research.
Keywords/Search Tags:ambidextrous learning, exploration learning, exploitation learning, entrepreneurial bricolage, entrepreneurial climate, entrepreneurial performance
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