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Research On The Incentive Mechanism Of Grassroots Civil Servants In China

Posted on:2017-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330482493445Subject:Administrative Management
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In the team of civil servants, civil servants at the grass-roots level is a special and important part.On the one hand, they have to work according to related laws and regulations, on the other hand, also has its certain particularity and complexity of grassroots social environment, which can let them face more problems and difficulties, these difficulties will work on their physical and mental and produces influence. At the grass-roots level, civil servants work is complex and difficult, so it is very important to stimulate their working enthusiasm and efficiency. Such status will inevitably affect the efficiency of work at the grass-roots level.In turn,under the influence of the transfer effect, the civil servants and government recognition will inevitably be affected.From this perspective, the working conditions of civil servants at the grass-roots level will affect the civil servants and the government, highlight the importance of the grass-roots civil servants incentive, through effective incentive can fully arouse their work place, mobilize work enthusiasm and initiative, help them get rid of the environment and job burnout, give full play to their ability to work.At the same time, it has an important significance on building the service government, efficient government, honest government.However, from the point of the present situation, the grass-roots civil servants incentive mechanism has many problems, such as lacking of incentive effect, the average tendency, standard encouragement lack of unity, rewards and punishment system is not standard, motivating the time node, these problems seriously affected the work enthusiasm and initiative of grass-roots civil servants to ascend, which also affects the operation efficiency of local governments.Therefore, search for the causes of these problems is a very important task, the lack of experience and theory, the appraisal system is imperfect, evaluation results of insufficient application and driving force for the development of the incentive mechanism, and inadequate incentives to cash ability of incentive mechanism of civil servants at the grass-roots level in our country is the main reason for the problem.Finally, on the basis of understanding and clear reason, from reinforcement learning and reference, perfecting the evaluation index, a clear standard, innovation incentive civil servant compensation system, perfecting civil servants at the grass-roots level promotion system, perfecting civil servants at the grass-roots level assessment system, establish and improve the supervision and control mechanism, strengthen the development of power and so on to improve the incentive mechanism of civil servants at the grass-roots level in our country.In a word, with the deepening of the importance and practice, the future construction and development of incentive mechanism of civil servants at the grass-roots level in our country will be successful, the comprehensive quality of civil servants at the grass-roots level and working ability will get promoted, the running efficiency of the government will achieve continuous improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Grass-roots Civil Servants, Incentive Mechanism, Performance Appraisal, Civil Servant Law, Countermeasures and Suggestions
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