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Research On The Recording Degree Of Civil Servants In China

Posted on:2017-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330485491387Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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This thesis consists of three parts: introduction, text and epilogue.The introduction part mainly discusses the background of the topic and the significance of this research, the current domestic scholars’ mainly study, research methods and reasoning ideas.The text consists of four chapters.The first chapter introduces the basic theory of the civil servant recruit system. There have different appellations around the world when comes to civil servant and mainly classified into three appellations. The author expresses his understanding of the concept of "civil servant" in China as well as the main scope of it. He briefly describes the civil servant recruit system, the concept and classification of civil servant exam, mainly introduced the basic principles of the civil servant recruit system in our country.The second chapter mainly combs the evolution and present situation of our country’s civil servant recruit system, introduces the historical origin and establish process of this system, especially with the promulgation and implementation of the "civil servant law", new content was increased, more detailed and refined qualifications were added to select candidates, the procedures of the system were supplemented and improved, etc. In the mean time, the author gives a further description to the present situation and main characteristics of our country’s civil servant recruit system. He also briefly introduces the development direction of the system.The third chapter mainly analyzes the problems of current civil servant recruit system in our country. In summary, there are mainly four procedure problems, including the applying qualification settings, written examination, interview, and political examination. The author carries on a thorough analysis of the problems generated by the applying qualification settings for it’s the first procedure of the whole recruit system, if you failed, you can’t proceed to the next three procedures.The fourth chapter mainly introduces the civil servant recruit system of United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Chinese Taiwan area, the reform and development trend of their system and the reference meaning in perfecting our country’s recruit system. Dealing with the major problems existing in the operation process of the system, the author puts forward the concrete countermeasures and reform ideas to perfect it.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil servant law, civil servant recruit system, The applying qualification Settings
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