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Research On The Crime Of Insider Trading And The Disclosure Of Insider Information

Posted on:2017-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Before the "Criminal Law" of 1997 established the insider trading and leakage of insider information, our disclosure of insider trading and leakage of insider information, only limited to administrative or civil penalties. With the maturity of capital market, since 2010 China has strengthened the legal supervision of the capital market, "The interpretation of insider trading" provider guidance for judicial office to future resolve the crime of Securities and future goods. but because some of the concept is not clear, some provisions of comparison principle and led to greater understanding of the differences in theory and practice of criminal law.This article reviewed the insider trading case of Li Qihong, and analyzed the case's focus of controversy, mainly involving the qualification of subject in the insider trading and leakage of insider information,on the definition of insider information and for non inside personnel "leaks" or "recommend others to purchase or sell" behavior the processing of the complaint and explains his own views, finally, according to the shortcomings of the case reflects the insider trading, the crime of specific proposals, including insider trading, disclosure of inside information crime legislation and establish corresponding legislative measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:the crime of insider trading and leakage of insider information, insider information, the insider information informed staff, the illegally obtaining insider information personnel
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