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The Study Of The Chinese Communist Party's Ruling The Country According To Law Since The 16th National Party Congress

Posted on:2017-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330509452099Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Since the Sixteenth Congress, the Chinese Communist Party is acutely aware that the domestic and international situation has happened profound changes, this moment in the development of Chinese society, all sorts of contradictions are mixed and problems are highlighted which need to be solved. This allows us to learn the foreign advanced experience of development and take root in our social reality to find out a scientific solution. And for this, the Party' Central Committee put forward the scientific development view to guide social modernization. By the Communist Party‘s continuously explore, the new rule by law with Chinese characteristics is precisely the much further product of the scientific development view, this is the further promotion and development of Marxist legal thought, the rule by law present under the new era of development, benefits the exploration and adjustment of today's society and for our socialist modernization drive cause convoying. We should analyzes the new development, main content and significance with the help of rule by law under the spirit of Communist Party chief, Mr. Xi's speeches and the clues of Chinese Communist Party‘s legal thoughts, then clear up the requirement to construct a law-governed county. This thesis, firstly, analyses and expounds the theory and realistic significance of study on legal thought through the development of our legal society since the Sixteenth Congress and research status; secondly, deepening the recognition and comprehension for the definition of rule country by law via elaborating the basic concepts like rule by law and so on, especially in the contrast of rule of law and rule of man, and then teases the process of formation of Chinese Communist Party‘s legal thoughts on the foundation of its ideological origins and time background. Finally states the main content of legal thoughts from two aspects: theoretical value and practical application to get the theoretical and practical significance of rule of law for modern society's development. Comprehensive analysis, on the one hand, the health and sustainable development of modern various causes of economic society with Chinese characteristics can do without the direction of the new legal thoughts, it offers a right direction of the road country's rule of law while maintaining society's stable development. On the other hand, the development and of modern legal thoughts and the national legal system advancement have also benefited from the good run of various economic society causes, the two promote each other and upon each other, working together to promote the Chinese new development in the family of nations. In addition, in face of fast development of social economy, every country has encountered various degrees of problems and sufferings, China, in the transition period is no exception, the resolution for all these issues and contradictions is possible without legal construction, this needs our continuous research on the rule of law thoughts and theory to provide theoretical guidance for society's development as possible. In the last part of the article, gives a brief account of main content in previous section, discusses the further prospect of legal construction and legal system advancement as well.
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