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On The Ownership Structure Under The View Of Company Law

Posted on:2018-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330512491394Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Equity structure design is that every company will have to be faced in the process of establishment and management of the problem,in recent years due to the development of capital market in China,in the traditional principle of a right to a stick to the battle for control of common between companies,from shanda,sina,leishi lighting,Wan Baozhi contend for...Meanwhile giants of listed companies in order to circumvent our country current limit conditions prescribed by the law for the equity structure,choose listed overseas,in these cases exposed a question: in our country today's shareholding structure is unreasonable,need a legal system and its optimization.This paper takes ownership structure of listed companies in our country as the research object,summarizes its characteristics as well as the deficiencies,and puts forward Suggestions on the equity structure of legal regulation in China.In this paper,the first chapter mainly discusses the equity structure give detailed definitions from various angles,and in today's world equity structure and equity structure,the type of a rough guide to equity structure have a macro understanding.The second chapter is the author after the reading of vast amount of literature,according to their own understanding and the understanding the classification of system of ownership structure in our country,respectively from static and dynamic two dimensions,a detailed analysis of ownership structure on the static including centralized and decentralized equity structure,ownership structure is divided into agreement way on the dynamic and under,triggering event agreement stipulated in the triggering event of equity structure,introduce below the function of equity structure and found that the lack of today's ownership structure in our country and put forward the perfect Suggestions to make.Third chapter structure is divided into agreement way,under triggering events and agreement specified in the trigger event of equity structure,for the following thispaper introduces the function of equity structure and found that the lack of today's ownership structure in our country and put forward the perfect Suggestions to make.Bearing in this paper,the fourth chapter,the fourth chapter is the core idea of the section,the author focuses on the main functions of the ownership structure,corporate control keep on,and take the belt surface,enumerates the vanke,wanda,jingdong,tencent,alibaba,huawei's case,by way of empirical analysis to demonstrate the role of different ownership structure in corporate control for,on this basis,the fourth chapter also summarizes the problem of ownership structure in our country today.Chapter five,which is closely held in chapter 4,gives legal advice on the current shareholding structure in China.In the hope of optimizing the structure of our country,we should standardize the capital market,provide the long-term development of the listed company,and improve the financial openness of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:the structure of shares, corporate right of control, classified shares, Dual-class Share Structure
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