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The Status Quo, Characteristics And Prevention Strategies Of Chongqing Telecom Fraud Crime Cases

Posted on:2017-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the fast development of China's communications,contactless fraud by means of mobile phones,fixed telephone,Internet and other modern communication tools spread very quickly.Such kind of cases are mostly cross the province,inter-regional and even cross-border crime which have extensive harm,targets is not fixed and evidence or the loss is difficult to find and recover,so it have caused significant damage of people.According to statistics,Chongqing(hereinafter referred to as "the city")in nearly three years,the number of incidence of telecommunications fraud and the loss of people growth significantly than previous years.The entire trend is not optimistic.For realizing innovative three-dimensional social security prevention and control system,to fight against the telecommunications fraud activities,as the identity of a policeman,I have visited Chongqing Communications Authority,Chongqing Unicom,the Chongqing Criminal Investigation Department and Economic Investigation Department of Economic Investigation and got some material about this kind of cases from 2012 to 2014.These material show that the number of telecommunications fraud incidence and loss of people is gradually rising trend in Chongqing.Telephone and online scams occupy most of it.So,control the telephone and Internet channels is the "seven inches." of controlling high incidence of telecommunications fraud.On the basis of above-mentioned research as well as four typical telecommunications fraud I participate,the paper will first introduce telecommunications fraud presented by the characteristics of "criminal means of science and technology","diversification of modus operandi","professional criminal groups," "Crime Scene fluidity " " stolen money transferred quickly ".Then,analyze the causes of high incidence of current telecommunications fraud.In the last,I proposed " prevention from the Sources " and " against the typical " policy method.Whether it is combat or prevent,It must needs joint efforts from top to bottom.In addition to the introduction,the text is divided into four parts,the total word is more than 14,000 words,the first part is an overview of research,mainly about the motivation and the main methods of this writing.The second part is divided into two small parts,the first small part describes the current situation of Chongqing Telecom fraud 2012-2014 graphically:(1)the number of telecommunications fraud incidence is gradually rising trend;(2)The loss of Telecommunications fraud increase straight up;(3)the main skill of telecommunicationsfraud base on telephone and internet(4)posing as public security,post officer and bank officer is the recent popular scam.On the basis of several small typical telecommunications fraud cases,The second small part show five characteristics of Chongqing telecommunications fraud :(1)criminal means of science and technology;(2)diversification of modus operandi;(3)professional criminal groups;(4)the flow of the crime scene;(5)the rapid transfer of stolen money.The third part analyze the reasons of the current high incidence of cases of telecommunications fraud.It is primarily because of the lower awareness of people and know small about the emerging communications technologies and software.The difficulty of cracking and strike :(1)"case detection is difficult";(2)"stolen money recovered is difficult";(3)"difficult to obtain evidence";(4)"strike process is hard." The third is due to the failure of performing the responsibility of relevant departments.The last part is divided into four,the first piece is "the source of prevention",the first is to raise awareness of masses through various means(network publicity,SMS alerts),and then urge the operators to implement real-name system phone card open from prevent the root causes of the occurrence of telecommunications fraud.The second is government need to establish an anti-fraud telecommunications linkage mechanism to co-ordinate various departments to guarantee the efficiency of detection.The third is that relevant government department need to strengthen analyze and combat through typical combat and analysis of case studies for forming a different technology tactics against diffident telecommunications fraud.The fourth is that relevant department need to play their role effectively for blocking crime channel.
Keywords/Search Tags:telecommunications fraud, the total incidence, diversification of modus operandi, Sources prevention, typical combat
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