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Reflection And Improvement Of The Criminal Justice Identification System

Posted on:2017-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The development of our country's judicial authentication system has experienced more than 30 years. The judicial authentication of China into a period of developed rapidly since 2005. Four years ago, half of the criminal procedure law was revised in our country, and also increased the several regulations. Judicial authentication regulations have changed its content more than eighty percent. As the main part of the law for the identification, the related issue was changed. As the time changed, a series of accumulation inherited the excellent achievements, and removed the relevant content that is used in the 1990 s, as the same time, the special rules and regulations added in the system, that enabled the development of the law to ascend. However, the judicial authentication system of our country still has many problems.The start of China's judicial authentication program unilaterally decided by public power authority, the parties shall enjoy the right of judicial authentication start, participation and option. In the practice, The low court rate of the judicial identifiers has affected the judicial authentication opinions of credibility. Expert assessor positioning was not clear, that did not lead to play their role. If there is any problems in the carrving out in the revised "Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China" (2012 Amendment),that will not stress the rights related identification. Due to the investigation, prosecution procedures for the identification of the parties to the rights of the poor security and relief channels are not smooth affect the efficiency of litigation.Based on the current laws and judicial identification system research, the comparison China's current judicial identification system with foreign related system, analysis of actual situation of judicial appraisal in our country, put forward to perfect views of the judicial identification of the criminal procedure in China. Expect the authorities to give more attention in the judicial interpretations or provisions to the criminal procedure law, also, compensate for the lack of criminal law in this aspect with practical reason and strength, to improve the system of judicial identification, to construct the system of judicial identification in our country.
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