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Singapore's Role In Asia-Pacific Rebalancing

Posted on:2018-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330515461317Subject:International relations
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It is Singapore's classic diplomatic strategy to pursue some balance among Big Powers.In history,the Balancing Strategy not only enables Singapore to keep safe,autonomous and prosperous,but also improve regional environment for the whole Southeast region,thus making Singapore own many times influence than its substantial power.As the Cold War finished,with the fast development of Southeast Asian regionalism,Singapore's Balancing Strategy has spread to ASEAN group and made vital influence on ASEAN's diplomatic strategy towards Big Powers."9 ∑ 11"terrorist incidents make America focus its global strategy on anti-terrorism and Middle East affairs.With insufficient attention from America,China's Rising strikes the traditional balance among America,Japan and China,which causes Singapore's concern about regional powers imbalance.Therefore,Singapore started to advocate America's return,so as to consolidate the traditional security order and economic system and balance the fast-rising China.In the process of America's Rebalancing,Singapore has played a constructive role in a more obvious way.Singapore is one of the most important standard-bearers in America's Rebalancing towards China.In the meantime,Singapore is trying to deepen its investment and economic cooperation with China,promote the integration of ASEAN and China,so as to encourage China's in-system rising.Singapore has make a relatively positive economic environment objectively and left proper developing chance for China's peaceful rising.This paper is trying to analyze the feature,factor and development of Singapore's diplomatic Strategy of the Balance among Big Powers on the theories of Geopolitics and Equilibrium.On the basis above we are trying to enlighten the essence of Singapore's Big Balancing strategy.,that is America's dominating as well as multilateral participating.On the one hand,we are trying to elaborate Singapore's constructive role in America's Pivot to Asia-Pacific.On the other hand,we will analyze Singapore's anti-balancing action and Singapore's two-side principles to China.That is to say,on the one hand,Singapore thinks China's rise shall be controlled by other big powers.On the other hand,Singapore welcomes China's peaceful rise,especially in China's driving force in promoting ASEAN's economic development.Through deepening the economic and social correlation and promoting ASEAN-China regional cooperation,promoting China-U.S.Relations in proper stage.To some extent,Singapore is hedging America's Rebalancing Strategy towards China and encouraging the true regional big balance among great powers.At last,This paper will try to put up some foresight and advise for China's further diplomatic relations with America,Singapore and the ASEAN.
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