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On The Principle Of Imputation Of Campus Injury Accidents

Posted on:2018-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Students are the hope of the motherland,the future of the nation.The healthy growth of students got the attention of the society from all walks of life.In recent years,the frequent campus injury accident,bad student's growth environment destroyed,make students and parents for school safety education institutions,such as loss of confidence.So the school is facing enormous challenges,in the protection of student's growth environment safety,let parents rest assured and school normal education teaching to find balance,is a common focus on education and legal issue.With the development of the information age,the rapid development of Internet,more and more campus accidents appeared in front of the public,startling cases,so the social attention to campus injury case more.In campus injury accident,shall apply to the general civil liability imputation principle to determine the both sides,and what imputation principle should be applied to determine the civil liability of the school,has always been the key to solve the campus injury case.Article,from the perspective of the specific judicial cases,through the analysis of the case to put forward our country the present problem in campus damage accident imputation principle,and then the basic theory of campus damage accident of our country to carry on the detailed elaboration,and refer to the continental law system and Anglo-American law system in four countries and Taiwan experience in campus damage accident imputation principle,found in the deficiency of current in our country,combining with the related provisions of the act of tort liability in our country,explore in different campus damage accident should apply specific imputation principle,in order to determine the campus injury accident in the judicial practice of the parties shall bear the responsibility to provide the reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:campus injury accident, Imputation principle, The principle of fault liability, Fair liability principle
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