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The Definition Of Relevant Markets In The Anti-monopoly Law Enforcement Of The Internet Industry

Posted on:2018-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the network communication technology,the scale of the Internet Industry continuously extends.From network communication,film and television and E-mail to electronic commerce,online interactive learning online business.Internet has deeply integrated into the economy and almost all aspects of our life,inject new vitality into our economic development and life.However,along with the development of the Internet industry,new problems surfaced,the industry characteristics of the Internet industry monopoly has become an urgent problem to be solved.Antitrust cases in traditional industries,to determine whether antitrust behavior is established,the first thing to do is to define the relevant market.In the past the traditional industry,after years of practice and implementation,the relevant market definition has a set of practical methods,But the Internet industry has the particularity of a series,which resulted in the traditional industry is struggling on the feasible method of the Internet industry,to the implementation of anti-monopoly law in the Internet industry has brought great challenges.This article will combine the domestic and international anti-monopoly law enforcement cases,and analyze the feasibility of the traditional market definition method in the Internet industry,and put forward the countermeasures and suggestions of the relevant legal system.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Internet Industry, Relevant market definition, Anti monopoly
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