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EU Immigration Policy Research

Posted on:2018-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330515981546Subject:International relations
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The deepening of globalization is bound to bring more and more frequent turnover,immigration becomes a global endogenous problem.Developed countries are the first to suffer from immigration problem,like European countries and the United States.The emergence of immigration,not only tests these countries' absorbing ability of public finance and management level of public affairs,also can take serious influence on their market system,welfare system,and causes conflicts and culture rupture between local residents and immigrants especially in western European countries.It can be said that immigration has become the most important problem in the EU politics.Success to deal with the problem determines the future development and direction of EU.Therefore,exploring the immigration policy of the European Union has become an extremely challenging task.The purpose of this thesis is to explore the evolution and developing trend of EU common immigration policy,especially after the changes and execution after the Lisbon treaty,and starting from the present refugee crisis,inquiry the origin,results,and the tr ends of the EU immigration policy,try to make detailed accurate judgment and valuable assessment of the policy.It is composed of the following three parts.The first part “Introduction” explains the cause of the subject selection,the author's basic ideas and the research perspective of the thesis.The second part is the main body of this thesis,it divides into five chapters.Chapter one,explains the main content of EU immigration policy and reviews the process of EU immigration policy integration,then analyzes immigration policy of the Lisbon treaty.Chapter two discusses the change of immigration policy before and after Lisbon treaty takes effect,and divides into five aspects: immigration legal framework,the role of the EU institutions,common refugee policy,the EU voting mechanism and the guidance of EU immigration policy.Chapter three,mainly to research the Lisbon treaty,the European Union on the immigration of specific implementation,including legal immigration policy,common external boundary management,establishment of common asylum system,and combat with illegal immigration together.Chapter four explains the key influence from refugee crisis on the European Union and its immigration policy,and EU's response on the specific measures.Chapter five,on the basis of above research,determines the future development trends of the immigration policy in the European Union.Finally,the third part conclusion reveals that the EU immigration policy currently has obtained certain result,but it is still facing with multiple difficulties.In future EU should be maintain on the legal rights and interests of legal immigrants,cracking down on illegal immigration,through cooperation with third countries to solve the refugee crisis and the existing immigration dilemma,towards the building of the European Union into area of freedom,security,and justice.
Keywords/Search Tags:European Union, Immigration policy, European integration, The Lisbon treaty, Refugee crisis
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