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Resource Mobilization Analysis Of Civil Nonprofit Organizations

Posted on:2018-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330518469478Subject:Social work
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Nowadays,with the changes in the function of government,more and more social organizations start to take part in the social management.What needs especial mention is that civilian commonweal organizations grow so fast that they become an important part in public welfare area.In fact,with the popularization of Internet technology,the public actively join in the social change through public affairs of network.At the same time,many civilian commonweal organizations which are based on Internet operation spring up.Compared to traditional civilian commonweal groups,this kind of organizations has its own features.So,this thesis will focus on how cyber civilian commonweal organizations harmonize different resources to operate the groups well,making them serve the society well.This thesis will take an example of the group of cyber student fund ’Sister Yingzi’,combined with the Resource Mobilization Theory,Resource Dependence Theory as well as the Social Exchange Theory.Firstly,the author will describe the background information that how cyber civilian commonweal organizations arise and explain the features of these groups to guide the frame of resources mobilization of civilian commonweal organizations.On this basis,then the thesis will talk about resources mobilization of civilian commonweal organizations by three levels:the organizers as well as participants,the interaction of different organizations and the goal of the organization.As a result,civilian commonweal organizations could gain more space for resource mobilization.Through observation and interview,the author finds:Cyber civilian commonweal organizations continuously develop by gaining different kinds of resources.When it comes to resources,it could be divided into two groups:visible and invisible.Cyber civilian commonweal organizations rely on the Internet,speaking of the ways how organizations build up,it includes personal factors of organizer and the motive factors of participants.They are the basis for resource mobilization because they could build up a rigorous,normative,professional framework.In order to gain more resources,organizations need to develop good interactive relationship with the government,companies,as well as the media,and then build up a social network.As a result,the organizations would have more power in mobilization and resources if the social network is more reasonable.Without doubt,ideology and symbolic behavior could also influence how organizations do resource mobilization.Through analyzing how civilian commonweal organizations make their goal become social consensus,how they enhance their credibility and the sense of identity to mobilize more citizens to engage into public welfare things.Finally,the organizations adopt many different types of mobilization strategies to achieve their goal,forming the long-acting mechanism of helping others with commonweal and accelerating the whole process of resource mobilization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Folk public welfare organization, Resource mobilization, Strategy
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