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Russia's Countermeasures Against The "color Revolution"

Posted on:2018-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the successful "peaceful evolution" of Eastern Europe and Soviet Union in the second half of the twentieth Century,the West adopted a new round of peaceful evolution strategy, named the "color revolution". In order to further compress Russia's strategic space in Eurasia, the West under the banner of "promoting democracy"launched a new round of "peaceful evolution" to the Commonwealth of Independent States. Since the end of 2003, the "Color Revolution" in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region continues to penetration and extension, the profound impact on the domestic district, while showing a wide range of outreach. The West trying to "Westernization" the process of differentiation of CIS, and achieve the ultimate goal of isolation and containment of Russia. The West continues the menacing offensive, made people confused and worried. Looking at the world today,the West did not give up the means of "Color Revolution" to continue to promote democratic output. Through the study of the characteristics and the essence of the"Color Revolution" in the west, the impact on the Russian strategic space and national security is explored. It is of great significance to study the specific measures to prevent the "Color Revolution" in Russia, and it is of great significance forthe countries to successfully resist the "Color Revolution".This paper start from Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan three of the "Color Revolution" countries, carefully explore the Western launch "the connotation and characteristics of Color Revolution", analyzes the background and causes of its outbreak, reveals its essence. In the clear essence of "Color Revolution", discusses the system of western attempts to launch the "Color Revolution" purpose and specific means of impact and impact on Russia, Russia's strategic space and national security.Then elaborate on Russia to prevent specific measures of "Color Revolution",mainly from the following six aspects: to strengthen the national central authority,advocating" Sovereign Democracy", by means of law regulation of non-government,rectify the news media opinion grasp the initiative, punishing Pro Western oligarchs and safeguarding national political stability.The outbreak of "Color Revolution" has a deep background, undeniable external factors fueling the west, but domestic political, economic and social factors play the most important role. The real reason for the outbreak of the "color revolution" is a variety of domestic contradictions irreconcilable, consequently let the west to "take advantage of a weak point" with promoting democracy. Therefore, it is the right way to take control of the state power organs, face up to the trend of democratization, and do well in the construction of political democracy within the country.
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